Pathetic me and My crush. Chapter 3 [chastity][cuckold][humiliation][oral][pet play][gay][rape][streaking][crossdressing][incest][blackmail][cum eating][fiction] – Short Sex Story

Hey again, I’m back with chapter 3 of Pathetic me and My crush. I highly encourage to go read the first 2 chapters for better context but the juicy bits should still be entertaining. I also want to encourage feedback! 😀 My dm’s are open if you prefer to give me feedback there or just want to talk about anything. I also want to say that English is not my first language so I’m sorry for any errors you may discover, if you see any I appreciate them being pointed out. I also want to thank everyone who’s already given me feedback or inspired me! I greatly appreciate it <3



My heart is racing. I look down the hallway to make sure I’m alone. With only a tray from the cantina to cover my crotch I need to make sure nobody sees me. There aren’t many places to hide on our college. The building is quite new and built in a minimalistic way with flat white walls and straight corridors, additionally a lot of the walls near common areas has been replaced by windows instead. I try to think out a path to take that wont leave me vulnerable at all, but there is no way to exit the college without risking being seen. I begin to walk down the hallway from the cantina towards some study rooms. The area with the study rooms is a rectangular area with a two sided sofa in the middle and 4 study rooms taking up the space surrounding it. The rooms are like square glass capsules with a door facing the sofa in the middle of the room. The walls are opaque but the doors are clear and very much see-through.

I get closer to the study rooms, and I can tell one of them are occupied by a 3 students. I can see them through the glass and when nobody is looking I run over to the sofa. I get down on all fours and craw behind it. When I get to the end of the sofa there is still some distance left before I’m out of sight so I have to make a run for it. Gathering up enough courage and trying to time it so that they don’t notice me, I get up and run. Turning the corner into a new hallway with lockers on one side and windows on the other, I hear the door from the study room open and footsteps coming closer. With nowhere else to hide I quickly search for an open locker. It won’t open. I try a new one and by a miracle it opens! Right before they come around the corner I manage to close the door to the locker. I am now stuck in a locker at college with only a tray from the cantina to cover my tiny dick locked in a even tinier chastity cage. Why does this happen to me I begin thinking, but before I can get lost in my own thoughts I can hear someone’s voice. “Am I seeing things or what?” one guy says. “Yeah are you sure you’re not seeing things. Like why the fuck would someone be running around school naked?” some other guy answerers him. “Man, it looked so real like there’s no way… dude its fucking with my head” the first guy responds again. The third guy chimes in with “Could we just get back to the project, we only got 40 minutes to finish it”. They all agree and head back. Hearing their footsteps fade I sigh with relief, my heart is still pounding really fast though. I wait until I hear the door to the study room close before I dear to open the locker.

Now for the difficult part of the college, the teachers offices. The wall down the hallway is made of glass with only some parts of it being opaque. Behind that wall are the teachers offices, with desk against the glass wall there is a very slim chance of me getting by without being noticed. BUT right now classes are in session so there are way less teachers here, decreasing my chances of being noticed. I listen to make sure there aren’t anyone nearby. Carefully I begin walking down the hallway, I’m crouching just low enough to hide behind the desks on the other side of the glass wall. I can see some teachers are in there working but no one has noticed me yet. Only 10 meters left, a teacher starts walking towards the door 7 meters ahead of me. I stop and just crouch down waiting for my impending doom. The teacher opens the door and turns away from me walking down the hallway towards the copy machine room. She didn’t even notice me at all. Realising I probably won’t get as lucky when she comes back I quickly run towards the toilets at the end of the hallway. Right before opening the door to the males toilet I quickly realise that there might actually be students inside. I decide to take the disabled friendly toilet instead since its a single person toilet. I had this genius plan to cover myself in toilet paper to at least give me some sense of decency, however looking at what’s left in the dispenser I can tell its not enough to cover me at all. While I’m in there I try to come up with something else, suddenly it hits me. What if someone else shows up and waits outside of the toilet?

I open the door and peak outside, both seeing and hearing nobody I begin sneaking towards the stairs at the end of the hallway. The stairs lead down to the first floor’s common area where students spends recess or socialise after college. Almost all the walls in the common room are made of glass, the walls where the stairs come down are also glass. Around the common room some plants are scattered to make it a bit fresher and greener. There are plenty of sofas, chairs and cushioned benches around and tables to go with them. In one end is a piano and some jacket sacks laying around it for listeners to relax on. The piano was donated from our city’s cultural centre, our college is actually quite prestigious and there is no way I’d not be punished severely for running around naked, even if it’s not my fault.

I try to sneak down the stairs, and I get halfway before someone enters the common room on the other side. The room is quite large so they don’t really see me from where they are, I sit still hoping that will attract less attention. The person is only passing through so I soon begin making my way down again. I take cover behind a sofa while waiting for a opportune moment to move to my next cover, making sure nobody else are passing through the room when I move. Slowly but surely I make my way towards the main entrance. I’m only a few meters from the door so I make a dash for it. The warm summer breeze actually feels quite nice on my bare skin. I relish in this feeling for a second or two before I’m reminded of the tiny pink cage on my dick. When I get outside I keep close to the walls so nobody can see me from the classrooms. I crouch under the windows on the first floor and sneak the whole way around college. When I get to the side of the cantina windows I spot my clothes out on the grass field. They’re out in the open with no hiding spot nearby.

While evaluating my situation I suddenly hear a door being opened. A bit further down the wall from me is a door leading into the gymnasium. I get the brilliant idea to sneak into the changing rooms and borrow some clothes from a fellow student. Slowly sneaking up to the door, I peak in and look for a way to get to the changing rooms. The teacher who opened the door to increase the airflow of the gym calls all the students over to the other side of the gym. Lucky for me I think as I quickly sneak to the door leading to the changing rooms on the other side of the gym. I keep an eye on the students and teacher to make sure I’m not seen. When I reach the other side I open the door slightly and slide inside. I’m met with a smell of shampoo and perfume. Realising I’ve gone into the girls changing room I go to open the door again. Just as I’m about to pull the door handle down I hear some voices. “Have you seen my water bottle?” a guy says. “Is it the yellow one with some blue logo on it? I saw it on the bench in the changing room” some guy responds. “Ahh so that’s where I left it” I breath a sigh of relief knowing I’m safe for now. The room is filled with lockers and a opening in the wall leading into the showers. There’s a sink on one end of the room with a mirror above it, and above the mirror is a clock. I look at the clock. The classes are ending soon! I can still hear guys chatting in their changing room.

Why does this shit have to happen to me! Getting starved for time I realise what I have to do. I look through the lockers to discover some pants and sweaters. The only thing I discover are skirts, shirts and blouses. I put on a black skirt that almost reaches down to my knees and a white buttoned shirt, they actually fit quite nicely. Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror I actually look really feminine. For a guy I’m quite skinny and I don’t create muscle very easily, that’s at all times bothered me as all my friends are pretty strong. Even in my family I’m the weakest one, since my brother and dad are both pretty strong and my mom is literally a personal trainer. With my new clothes I go back in to the gym, less worried that anyone sees me this time. As I walk into the gym I’m met by two guys. They both stare for a sec before they realise that I’m a guy. One of the guys stops me and grabs my arm “why are you dressed like that?”. “I…Uh uh…” before I manage to stutter anything else they both grab me and pull me into the guys changing room.

“So do you get off on crossdressing?” one of them asks me “going into the girls wardrobe is a pretty serious thing” the other one says. “Do you wear panties too?” the first guy says almost giggling. “Why don’t you show us your panties?”. They lead me into the showers and pin me in a corner. One of the guys flips my skirt revealing my tiny pink cage. At first they seem shocked but they quickly burst out in laughter. “So you’re that kind of guy huh!” one of them says. Being this humiliated and defeated I begin explaining that I lost my clothes and that they’re out on the grass outside. Both the guys have a strange look on their faces as if they’re thinking of something. “We could get you back your clothes” my face lights up and I’m surprised. “However not for free” the other one says with a smirk. I dread those words but I don’t have many options, who knows what they might do if I don’t cooperate. I agree and one of them leaves to gather my clothes, while the other one stays behind to watch me. “How about we start now” he says and pulls down his pants revealing a girthy cock. He pulls me in close and hover his cock close to my tiny caged dick. The size difference is immense. His cock is about 19 cm meanwhile my tiny dick is being limited to 2.5 cm with this cage on. His cock is about 7 times bigger than mine. I get dizzy looking and thinking about the size difference. “Lets get you on your knees slut” he says forcing me down to my knees. I don’t want to suck his cock but I don’t think I have a choice. My body starts to feel really warm and my mind is racing. I cannot think straight at all. “Open your mouth” he commands, I cannot withstand. I open my mouth, my body is moving on its own now. I feel his girthy cock glide over my tongue and the salty taste of sweat fills my mouth. He starts to force it even deeper, I gag. “Oh don’t worry we’ll get you used to taking it deeper than this in no time” he says mockingly.

His friend enters holding my clothes under one arm and sees what’s happening “you started without me?”. “Yeah sorry I just couldn’t wait”. “How is she?” he asks. “Ehh she needs some training but we’re not in a hurry, after all we got the rest of the year to train her”. The rest of the year?! Are they planning on raping me more times?! The other guy has got his cock out now too, his is thinner than the one I’m slobbering on right now but it has a upward bend to it. “How about you start jerking mine getting it ready?” at this point my mind is having a meltdown and I’m just doing what they’re telling me. Now I’m sitting there in a black skirt, white shirt and my tiny caged dick laying on top of my thighs. I’m actually sucking a cock and jerking another one at the same time, and neither of these cocks are mine. The first guy finishes flooding my mouth with cum pretty quickly. “Swallow it” he commands. I try but there is just so much that I spill some and it drips down on the clothes I’m wearing. Before I manage to come back to my senses the other guy forces his cock into my mouth. With my mouth still being filled with cum I begin spilling even more. He starts fucking my mouth furiously. The other guy pulls out his phone and starts taking some pictures. I think he started to record a video too. While filming he starts laughing and points his phone towards my crotch. “She’s leaking HAHAHA!” I can feel it, the feeling something wet running down my thighs. I lose complete control and just go follow orders for the rest of the time he’s fucking my face. “What a good behaving slut you are, here’s your reward” they both cum, one of them filling my mouth while the other jerks it onto my face. They leave me with my clothes on the floor. “I have taken the liberty of adding your number to my phone” he smirks “so when we call you better come, unless you want everyone to know what a slut you truly are”.

I rest on the floor for a few minutes before I come back to my senses. Getting my phone out of my pant’s pocket I check the clock and see that I have 8 minutes until recess. I quickly wash myself and put on my clothes. I sneak back into the girls wardrobe and return the clothes. I tried to get most the cum stains but some of them wouldn’t come off. I make sure nobody sees me when I head out of the girls wardrobe. I spend the recess just trying to process what had just happened. Recess ends and I walk to class. When I enter the classroom I see my crush and the guys flirting in the back. They all notice when I get closer to my seat though, and some of the guys come over to me. “So does the whole school know you’re wearing a tiny pink cage now” one of the guys says with a smirk. I shift slightly in my chair but shake my head. “oh-ho who saw you?” he keeps asking. “no one” I reply. “Heh fine. Don’t worry we won’t spread any rumours, as long as you follow orders” they walk back to their seats and class starts.

The rest of the day is pretty uneventful but my mind couldn’t stop spinning. Did I really suck two cocks? I cannot believe everything that happened today, and did I really cum from being used like that? When I get home I go straight to my room and lock the door. I strip naked and look in my mirror. I see a skinny boy with pale skin. For a boy I have rather thin thighs and almost no muscles at all. I turn to see my account. My ass is pretty flat however. I turn back to frontal view, I stare at the tiny pink glittery cage. I need to get the key to unlock this thing. Would my crush’s dad give it to me if I asked? I don’t know for sure but I don’t have many other options. I decide to go and ask nicely for the key to the cage, what’s the worst that could happen.

Suddenly I’m there in front of the door to my crush. I hesitate for a bit but then ring the doorbell. It’s her mom who opens the door. “Oh hey” she says “she’s a little busy right now but I could ask if its okay that you come in”. Before I get to say that I’m here to see her husband she disappears back in. She comes back out “you’re still locked right?”. I freeze up for a second but eventually nod. “okay then follow me” she says gesturing with her hand. I take off my shoes and follow her into the kitchen. Her dad sits at the dinner table eating his dinner while her mom gets back on her knees under the table sucking his enormous cock. My crush however is completely naked on all fours with her ass up licking cum from a dog bowl. She’s got her collar on and a leash attached being held by her dad. “Hey, so why are you here today?” her dad ask with a deep masculine voice. I struggle a bit but eventually stutter “Uh could I uh p-pleas ha-have the k-k-key?”. “Say what now? Key to what?” a sinister smile spreads on his face. “Th-the key t-to the cage” I almost whisper the last part. “How about you show me what you want the key to?” he’s still smiling sinisterly. I contemplate for a second. I take a deep breath and go for it. Pulling down my pants and underwear I reveal the tiny pink glittering chastity cage. He’s still smiling and is now laughing too. “So you want to be unlocked?” I nod. I can feel my cage already leaking.


End of chapter 3

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