Couple we know approached me about being a hotwife.


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My husband and I know this couple through our kid’s college. I’ve at all times wondered they were pretty ok, if a little weirdly intense. They’re hard to pin down, kind of outdoorsy and crunchy but talking to them they seem sort of boring. Well it turns out they are NOT boring.
I was at a birthday party for another kid and they were there. They approached me and told me that the husband had asked my husband about our thoughts on hotwife or sharing, and that he’d told them he’d talk to me about it.
I told them that we hadn’t talked bout it since we’d been busy, but I figured quickly that my husband had heard them out but hadn’t brought it up since it’s so obviously awkward and outside of our typical sex life. I guarantee that if he’d asked me I would have said no.
But here was a couple acting like this was the most typical thing in the world to just as if I’d like to sleep with the husband! They explained they didn’t do threesomes, but rather the wife likes knowing he can please other women and he likes sleeping with other men’s wives. They were both so calm and matter of fact about it that I found myself listening and considering.
So here’s where the story gets sort of slutty. I ask the wife what other women found so appealing that they would fuck her husband instead of theirs and she says that he’s amazing in bed, which she says you just have to believe or experience, but also that he’s majorly hung.
They can tell I’m intrigued so she tells me I should have a quick feel. I was like “what, here?” We were at a park with a bunch of kids playing at the shelter nearby. She says, “Go over by the car and no one will see.”
He takes my hand and leads me over to my van. He unbuttons and unzips and tells me, “Go ahead. I’m already hard for you.” I couldn’t withstand, so I stood close and put my hand down his pants, over his boxers at first but then inside to really feel how big he is.
I slid my hand up and down it a little and he laughed and said, “Yeah, you get it.” He grabbed my wrist and removed my hand, zipped up and led me back to his wife.
I wondered they would talk to me the rest of the party but after that they told me to think about it and they went off to talk to others. I kept catching him looking at me, though and I stayed wet the entire party.
I mentioned to my husband that they’d approached me and he was annoyed that they’d went around him. I didn’t tell him about feeling the husband’s cock. I have to understand how to let my husband know I want to try it.

NSFW: yes

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