Countdown to Ecstasy: Sensual Tales to Ignite Your Desire

My body is engulfed in an inferno of desire, every nerve alive and tingling with anticipation. He knows exactly how to tease me, keeping me on the edge of ecstasy without allowing me to fully surrender to it. My longing intensifies as his tongue glides delicately between my quivering lips, causing my pussy to absolutely drip with desire. A soft moan escapes my lips as he grazes my clit, followed by a tantalizing suck that sends waves of pleasure through both of us.

“Please, give me more!” I plead, my hands tightly gripping the back of his head as I gaze down at him. The mischievous glimmer in his eyes fuels my arousal, enveloping my body in a whole new level of warmth. He withdraws his tongue ever so teasingly, yet his breath continues to caress my sensitive core. My hips instinctively thrust towards his face, craving further contact. “Mmm, you taste divine,” he murmurs in appreciation, his tongue eagerly lapping up my essence, flicking and sucking on my throbbing clit.

The added pressure instantly tightens my entire body, raising my hips towards his skilled mouth. The impending orgasm builds within me, urging me to hold on to him even tighter. “YES! I’m so close!” I exclaim, yearning for release. Unexpectedly, he pulls away, leaving me desperate and empty. A lengthy groan escapes my lips. I adore his teasing, but my impatience grows unbearable. I need to cum, and I’ll do anything to achieve it.

“Not yet,” he growls, meeting my pleading eyes as he traces his lips along my hipbone. His hands trail along my waist, igniting an electric sensation throughout my body. With every achingly slow kiss he places upon my trembling flesh, my pussy pulses, longing for the sweet intrusion of his lips, his cock buried deep inside me, stretching and filling my every crevice. The mere wondered sends shivers down my spine.

He continues his exploration, trailing kisses up to my collarbone. Meanwhile, his hand glides along my inner thigh, causing me to gasp in anticipation. Suddenly, his other hand grips my head, guiding me back as he kisses and gently bites into the tender flesh of my neck. I part my lips, welcoming the glide of his finger between them. Whispering in my ear, he urges me to work for my release, his finger already coated with my intoxicating juices, teasingly circling my hungry clit.

“Please…” I moan, my body instantly responding to his touch, growing taut with desire. “Good girl, that’s a good start,” I hear him whisper, his words fueling my pleasure even further. I relish the way he calls me his “good girl” – it intensifies our connection, making me feel completely and utterly his.

“No cumming until I give you permission, can you do that for me?” he commands. I stutter out a hasty affirmation amidst my ragged breathing. “Good girl,” he praises, his fingers gradually quickening their pace. I can feel myself teetering on the edge of bliss, the treacherous cliff of orgasm beckoning me closer. “You’ve got ten seconds and then you can cum, can you handle that?” he challenges, his voice dripping with dominance.

“Yes, please… yes, yes!” I pant, the desperate need to climax pulsating through my entire being. I’ll do anything to bring myself closer to the elusive release. “Good girl. Ten…” I grip the bed tightly, gasping for air as his fingers dance expertly around my pulsating clit. “…nine…eight…” Every number seems drawn out, torturously slow. “Faster… PLEASE,” I beg, my breaths coming in desperate spurts.

“If you’re going to resist, then I’ll start all over. Will you be a good girl?” he warns, stopping abruptly. I arch my back, my body yearning for his touch. “Yes, please! I’m your good girl. Please, keep going,” I plead, my words accompanied by a moan. His evident arousal at hearing me declare myself as his little slut is intoxicating. He rewards me with a gentle moan before planting a kiss on my lips.

Dipping his fingertips back inside me to coat them with my essence, he resumes stroking my clit. “That’s my good little slut. Now, where was I?” he asks, a trace of anticipation in his voice. “Eight!” I call out, doing whatever I can to incite the intensity. “Good girl… seven…” His lips crash against mine, his grip tightening on the side of my head. Our tongues dance in a passionate frenzy, perfectly synchronized with his agile fingers, swirling and circling my throbbing clit. He suddenly withdraws, his breath teasingly grazing my flushed face. “Six…” his voice trails off, while my body convulses in response. I’m overwhelmed with sensations, my senses on the verge of overload.

“Halfway there,” he murmurs, and I can hardly control the intensity of my moans. “FuckfuckFuck…” I mewl, writhing under his touch, my pussy throbbing intensely, sweat glistening on my body, cascading down my breasts. “You’re doing so well, just four…” he encourages, his teeth grazing my neck, his grip tightening in my hair. I’m becoming lost in the intense stimulation, my overstimulated body losing all restraint.

“What are you?” he demands, as my moans grow louder. Dazed and lost in pleasure, I take a moment to process his question. “I’m… I’m your little slut. Oh god, I’m your slut!” I exclaim, my back lifting off the bed. The orgasm teeters on the precipice, begging for release. I squeeze my eyes shut, desperately trying to hold it back. “That’s it, my good little slut. Keep saying it. You’re almost there… You’re doing so well,” he whispers, showering my neck with gentle kisses.

“Three…” he continues, his lips hungrily seeking mine. I can feel his passion, his arousal through the heat emanating from him. His hard cock brushes against my leg, sending electric currents coursing through my body. My hips move erratically, seeking more contact, more pleasure. “I’m your slut… I’m your little slut… your good little slut,” I chant, savoring the words on my lips, the way they ignite his desire.

“Two,” he declares, and my body writhes uncontrollably. I grit my teeth, mentally steeling myself against the impending climax, my pussy pulsing relentlessly, my entire being consumed by his circling fingers. “Oh fuck… oh fuck… fuck! I’m your slut! Fuck! Please!” I gasp for breath, my mind consumed with holding off the explosion of ecstasy growing within me.

“Nearly there! You look so irresistible… One!” A surge of warmth engulfs my body. His lips meld with mine once again, but I can hardly respond. I’m overwhelmed, lost in a sea of pleasure, unable to focus on anything but the impending orgasm. “Are you ready?” he asks, his voice dripping with anticipation.

“Yes, please, yes! I’m your little slut. Please!” I exclaim, desperation radiating from every fiber of my being. “Then cum for me. Give it to me,” he commands, and before his words can fully register, the word “cum” escapes his lips, and my body detonates with pleasure. The orgasm surges through me, electrifying every inch of my being. My hands grip onto anything they can discover, the sheets tearing under my clutching fingers.

“Good girl, give me more,” his voice barely reaches my ears amidst my willing moans. I’m lost in a rapture of bliss, my body trembling under the continued assault on my super-sensitive clit. Another wave of pleasure crashes through me as a smaller orgasm follows closely behind. My pussy pulses with intensity, my clit becoming unbearably sensitive. But I don’t want it to end. I feel unimaginably incredible.

“Good girl… so good. You’re my good girl,” I hear him moan against my neck, his body pressing onto mine. Gasping for breath, I slowly regain my senses, his finger gently withdrawing from my throbbing clit. Another wave of pleasure courses through me, and he caresses my neck, my collarbone, softly sucking on my nipple.

“Fuck, you’re irresistible. I love the way you cum,” I whisper softly as sweat drips from my body and my limbs feel weak with pleasure. He kisses my lips, and a warmth radiates from within me as yet another wave of pleasure courses through my exhausted body. “Fuck,” I weakly utter, a gentle laugh escaping my lips.

“Hehe, yeah, that was intense,” he responds, kneeling above me. I weakly look up at him, extending my hand toward his impressive hardness. He sighs softly as I start to stroke his throbbing cock, his arousal palpable. “Are you ready for more?” I ask, willing for our passionate dance to continue.

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  1. GrazelBeam

    If you haven’t tried counting down for your girl to cum, try it. It drives me absolutely wild and makes me cum so hard

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