Chapter 32. How a sweet Sorority girl with a PhD and kids got into the Lifestyle and ultimately became a Hotwife. Birthday wish come true. – Short Sex Story

I stood before Zack. Emboldened by the look in his eye. His lust flickered hot in the dim light. Standing between his legs, he reached out to me and helped me lift my shirt up and over my head. He leaned back against the couch and stared quietly, almost as if to drink me in. The only think I was wearing at this point was my jewelry, a chunky silver necklace with matching earrings. My nude body was outlined by the lamplight behind me, creating a silhouette of desire. In a swift movement, Zack unbuttoned and removed his own shirt, leaving him in just his slacks…. chapter continued in comments (Reddit isn’t letting me post long text for some reason)

NSFW: yes

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    Stepping forward, I brought a leg up to wrap around him. He guided me until I was straddling him, my bare breasts grazing against his light chest hair. His hands slid up the sides of my legs to my waist. I felt a wave of excitement rush through me as his hands continued up to my back and pulled me toward him for a deep kiss. Our tongues danced along one another, tasting the desire we both felt. His mouth trailed down my neck and he began to suck. I giggled and pulled away, but his mouth followed, once again pulling at my skin. Surely he wasn’t attempting to give me a hickey. Was he? I teased him about it and we both laughed at him being found out.

    With that, I dropped to my knees between his spread legs, my hands running up and down the fabric that contained him. My focus quickly honed in on his belt and I unclasped the buckle and removed it just as he unbuttoned them. Pulling them down together, Zack kissed me as he leaned forward, capturing my attention away from his pants for a brief moment. His hands caught up in my hair, grasping loose strands to pull back from my face. My fingers traced up his arms to his neck, gently scratching my nails at the nape. Finally looking down again, I saw that he was completely free from his clothes. His cock was long and rigid. With him slightly bent over from kissing me, the tip of his shaft almost hit his chest. My pulse raced at the sight and I reached out to grasp the base of his cock. He let out a deep grunt as I began to stroke him.

    I let my mouth hover just over the tip. Lips parted. Breath heavy. I felt spit pooling in my mouth and I smiled as I let it drip all over his meaty cock. The fresh liquid allowed me to glide over him effortlessly. His smooth shaft growing firmer with each pump from my hand. I wanted to taste the fruit of my labor. I slid my tongue down to his head and gently encircled it. Slow traces around and around as my hands continued to stroke in smooth motions. Zack moaned and put his hand on the back of my head to guide me deeper onto him. I could feel myself start to gag on his firmness, as he filled me so completely.

    Slipping his hands under my arms, Zack guided me up and laid me back on the couch. He stood over me for only a moment before taking one knee to the floor as his mouth licked my inner thighs. I throw my head back in pleasure as he positions himself fully between my legs and engulfs my pussy in his mouth. His hands slid under my hips, pulling me up toward his hungry lips. Licking and sucking wildly, he wanted to explore me in every way his mouth could. His motions were almost frantic, as though he was afraid our time would come to an end before he was able to bring me to completion. I reached down and held his head, guiding him slowly onto my clit. With deep strokes of his tongue, I began to build. Tighten. Pulse. I felt my orgasm coming quickly. Just as I whispered to him that I was cumming, he squeezed my hips and drove his tongue in deep, bringing out a resounding climax. He pulled up and kissed a wet trail from my stomach, to my tits, and finally to my mouth. I could taste my sweet cum on his lips. Smiling, I reveled in the feel of his full body weight on me. His hard cock pressed into my thigh, inching closer and closer to my swollen apex with every kiss.

    Panting, I gathered my thoughts and pushed him gently away. We had only just met and I wanted to be safe. I stood and crossed the living area to the minibar where my husband had left the condoms. He later told me that the sound of my feet walking to the bar and the rustle of the wrapper was the most amazing rush he had ever felt. He was so hard listening to my escapade from the bedroom. Reaching up, I slipped the condoms into my palm and walked back to the couch. Zack was laying down and stroking himself while watching me. The sight of his cock was too irresistible not to taste once more. Getting on my knees, I began to suck him from the side of the couch. His left arm dangled off the side and found my ass to squeeze. He massaged and smacked my backside before plunging his fingers into my pussy as I sucked him. Matching the rhythm of his hand to my mouth, I almost came. But I stopped. I wanted to cum on his cock this time.

    Standing up once more, I handed him the condom and smiled. He reached for me and I lowered my body onto his, letting my breasts dangle in front of his mouth. Sliding my pussy over his cock, I could feel him pulse under me. I rotated my hips for his head to slip along me. Looking in his eyes, he held my waist as I pressed down on him and filled my pussy with his hardness. He bottomed out in me immediately. I moaned at the intensity of it. He bucked his hips and matched the pace I set. I felt my breathing become more rapid. Zack’s fingers dug into me, pulling at my body for more pleasure. My core tightened. I leaned forward and held myself against the armrest of the couch. My hips slapped down again and again on him, the feel of his cock stretching me grew more erotic with each thrust. He began to shake and I felt my body release with his. His hands gripped my thighs tight as he finished deep in me. My own body heaving with climactic pleasure.
    I collapsed on his chest in a euphoric state. Our breathing labored as his hand rested across my back. Finally, we assessed the night and agreed that it had been incredible. I helped him find his clothes and button his shirt, quite a sexy feeling to help a man dress after a sexual encounter. Walking him to the door, he stopped and kissed me goodnight, knowing that we would never see each other again.

    As I closed the door behind Zack, I heard the door to the bedroom open. My husband appeared in his boxers. He was hard. He had been able to hear most of the interlude. Moans of desire. Heady wetness. Skin on skin. My husband could barely contain his lust for me in that moment. He needed to make me his again. Reclaim my body after it had been pleasured by another man. I still stood completely nude in the living area. My hair a mess. My pussy wet.

    He gestured for me to follow him to the bed, the most deserving place of the night’s final fuck between lovers. He slid his boxers off and laid down against the pillows. I crawled from the foot of the bed on my hands and knees toward him. Like a huntress who has spied what her hunger craves. I mounted my husband as he dug his hands into my little waist. A claim to stake as he pulled me down on him. A sharp breath filled my lungs as I relished the familiar fullness. I began to ride him as he asked me about the night. I regaled him with every lick. Every touch. Every orgasm. We were both incredibly aroused, and our bodies took one another in an almost animalistic way. Greedy and passionate. Neither of us lasted long. My body pulsed and shook as my orgasm exploded with his. Wetness poured out of me, the most beautiful mixture of our cum together. The perfect end to our weekend away.

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