Can’t withstand temptations of married girls, and older women!

I don’t know what it is but I am coming to realize that I’m almost at all times attracting mature, older, or married women, at the office, at the gym… even when out and about, I’m like catching glances, smiles and winks every now and then!
As difficult as it is to even say or even attempt at doing anything in the office, my female colleagues are constantly making semi explicit jokes, touching parts of my body, shoulders, grab my arm, hand, and often lean all the way on my desk to where I can clearly see their cleavage and pretend to look away!
Not sure what’s driving this behavior but playing dumb, clueless and innocent is only paying off more, and often get more attempts in the break room, bldg elevators or as we’re leaving the office… they’re probably thinking this dumb guy and I’m def thinking I could totally tear that p***y up if we weren’t coworkers, and having the dirtiest, wildest thoughts in my head all day long!
Even, at the gym, I keep tuning into a fellow member, exchanging smiles and greetings, small talk, but can’t stop thinking about eating her alive while she’s bending over in those super tight, with most certainly no panties under, leggings!
Darn it, my story with mature, married women keeps getting crazier.

NSFW: yes

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