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Christina Hendricks was walking from her car into the entrance of a large hotel. It was evening now and a few days since her intense second audition with James. He’d called her that morning asking her to attend a meeting at the hotel with him to discuss the show, which she figured meant to talk it over and how it would proceed as she assumed she had surely secured the role. She better have, she mused, as she wondered over what she’d done for him and the way he’d treated her, leaving her throat aching for days after.

Quietly confident and dressed accordingly for her success, wearing a snug knee-length silky black dress under her coat, black nylons and heels, she entered the hotel and headed for the lifts. Nobody disturbed or seemingly recognised her as she rode up to the fifth floor, stepping into the thickly carpeted corridor and following the signs towards the room. She counted the numbers and found the door, room 575, pausing to compose herself for a moment before tapping on it, hearing footsteps.

“Christina,” James smiled as he opened the door to her, light spilling from the doorway across the hall.

“Hello, James,” she smiled, stepping inside as he welcomed her.

“Lovely to see you again,” he said, closing the door then giving her a brief kiss. Their relationship had changed significantly in the past few days and giving him a kiss was hardly a big deal. She turned to walk into the room as he locked the door, feeling a playful smack on her ass as she did so. Christina rolled her eyes a little, knowing there was a chance she’d need to fuck him again to make absolutely sure the role was hers or something, though that didn’t really worry her as he had a nice cock and knew how to use it.

She walked into the main room…and ran straight into Kat Dennings.

“Hello, Christina,” Kat said, the curvy Pennsylvanian standing in front of her with a coffee in her hand, casually sipping it as the taller redhead just gaped at her for a moment. The younger actress was wearing a snug red blouse that showed off the lines of her straining bra, a long black pencil skirt, bare legs and high heels equal to her own.

“Kat, hi,” she blurted out, regarding some composure and stepping forward to offer a hand for a small shake, which was returned warmly.

“What is she doing here?” Christina said to James, looking to him as he walked back into the room with them.

“She’s here to discuss the show with us,” he said, taking Christina’s coat as she just shrugged it back into his hands on autopilot.

“With us? I thought I had the part,” Christina said, looking back to her younger rival standing casually beside her.

“Would you like a drink, Christina?” Kat said.

“I…maybe later thanks,” she replied, wanting to understand what was going on first.

“No problem,” Kat replied.

“So James, what’s going on here?” she asked, turning to him.

“Well, I won’t waste your time, you’ve not got the part. The role’s going to Kat,” he said simply. Christina was hit for a moment, feeling the sudden disappointment wash over her for a minute followed by the anger at what she’d done to try and earn it. She was also reminded even more of that as the younger, beautiful rival was standing right in front of her.

“Kat’s the pick for this, they won’t change their mind and it’s done,” he lied, since it was part of the deal he’d made with the lovely brunette days before to play Christina.

“Right,” she said with a sigh, looking at the floor for a moment then straight into James’ eyes.

“So what did you bring me here for then? Just to rub it in?” she said, casting another glance to Kat as her anger bubbled under the surface.

“Not at all, Christina,” he said.

“Then why am I here, and why is she here?” she said, pointing at the patient Kat.

“The show has been retooled a little and, at my suggestion, they want another female lead. A secondary character to work with Kat and bounce off her, a slightly older foxy female and I’ve recommended you,” James said.

“Are they happy with that?” she asked, heart surging a little in excitement that it was still gonna work out.

“Very happy, they respect your talent as I’ve said and I assured them you auditioned quite determinedly for the chance,” he smiled.

“That’s fantastic news,” she replied, a hint of a smile contrasting with her steely gaze as she ignored the nod towards quite what she’d done to get there. She knew Kat has as well so they were all in it together after all. Christina was excited for the role even if it had changed a little, looking forward to another new project and the payday that came with it even if she hadn’t quite got the lead.

“However, this isn’t a done deal quite yet,” he said, immediately taking the edge off her happiness.

“What do you mean? I thought you said they wanted me for this?”

“They do.”

“Then what’s the issue?”

“She is,” he said, pointing to Kat. Christina looked straight at the buxom brunette as she smiled back at her.

“Why? What’s the problem? Don’t you like me or something?” Christina asked, feeling a little taken aback almost as she imagined Kat had some beef with her.

“No, of course I like you. You’re a fantastic actress and I’m very glad to have you on my show, you’ll bring quality and class to it,” Kat said, smiling wider. She genuinely respected and admired Christina, for her talent and her beauty, but there was more to it than that.

“Your show? So what? You got a problem with another woman with bigger boobs than you or something?” Christina said a little snappily as she indicated her huge chest, getting frustrated by the games they seemed to be playing with her.

“No,” Kat laughed, tension breaking a little bit, “I’m not jealous, I’ve got my own pair thanks,” she said, indicating her own enormous chest in return.

“So what?” Christina said hotly.

“Christina, take it easy. We’re not here to make a fool of you or anything,” James interjected.

“Ok,” she said, taking a breath and calming herself, deciding to let herself cool off and hear them out, “so what’s the deal? Just lay it out.”

“This is my show, I’m the lead and who they want. As I said I’m very happy to have you here, but it’s mine.”

“Right,” Christina said, wondering why the point was made so clearly.

“I get what I want, and I’m the one in charge,” Kat continued.

“Ok…” the redhead replied unsurely, just waiting.

“That means I need to know you’re gonna tow the line with me. As I said I’m very pleased it’s been adjusted to get you included, your talent precedes you, but I need you to be clear about how it’s gonna work with us,” Kat said.

“Right,” Christina said again, not wanting to open her mouth and commit to something when she really wasn’t sure still.

“I think we can have great chemistry and the audience are gonna lap that up. But I need you in line behind me…submissive.”

“Submissive?” Christina asked with a raised eyebrow, “what does that mean exactly?”

Kat stepped apart and opened the drawer on the sideboard in the hotel room, grabbing something before turning back to face Christina.

“This is what,” she said firmly, authoritatively as she slapped her strap-on harness down on the top of the unit, thick purple dildo already in place. The stunning Tennessee native stared at it, her mouth dropping open a little as she took in the combination of black webbing and leather, stainless steel fastenings retaining the long purple cock with its contours and bulging head. She’d never even so much as played with another woman before and now it was presented in front of her, brought into sharp focus suddenly.

“What the fuck?” she breathed, completely blind sided by the proposition as her heart raced, breaths shallow.

“James, we never discussed this,” she said, composing herself and turning back towards him, ignoring her would be dominatrix for a moment.

“No, we didn’t,” he replied.

“This is the deal, Christina,” he continued after an intense pause as she stared at him, defiant but also somewhat pleading, hoping he might change things and call it off.

“Kat’s in charge, and she gets what she wants. And what she wants is an evening with you, to make sure you can be submissive for her as she says.”

“James…” Christina started, mind racing.

“But if you do, your place on the show is guaranteed. Absolutely set in stone,” he finished.

“Guaranteed?” Christina said after a moment, the lure of the payday taking hold again, that lust for another role to get her noticed.

“Ironclad. You play along with her and you’re on this show. Come fall everyone will see you and her making magic, likely to much acclaim,” he said with a smile. Christina felt her heart beating behind her enormous breasts, glancing back to Kat again who gave a flick of eyebrow and a devilish smile. She was tempted, so tempted, knowing it was on the table in front of her now and one last roll was all it would take.

She rationalised that she’d already gone this far, her two intense auditions already demonstrating her willingness. Her eyes played over Kat again, flicking down the beautiful, busty beauty with her raven hair, shorter than her but having such presence as she waited for Christina’s answer. It would be her first time with another woman, that was gonna be a challenge to deal with certainly, but she couldn’t help herself, knowing one last roll of the dice and she’d secure what she desired. Kat was clearly in charge and would put her through her paces, a potentially cruel mistress and a bargain must be made.

“It’s my first time, go easy on me,” Christina said quietly to Kat, looking at her sincerely.

“Is that a yes?” Kat asked, smiling as a little rush went through her, knowing she and James had got what they wanted.

“Yes,” Christina whispered huskily, “we’ve got a deal.”

“Fantastic,” Kat grinned, clapping her hands together then leaning forwards to offer her hand once more. Christina took it, then was caught off guard as Kat pulled her close and pressed her lips against hers, locking her full pout into a kiss as the redhead mumbled in surprise. Kat’s tongue probed at her lips, the Tennessee native taking a moment to get it together and respond, quickly letting it in and entwining tongues with her younger counterpart as they kissed. It was her first kiss with another woman and a weird sensation, though it was exciting and her body tingled with uncertainty and excitement before they broke aside.

“Want that drink now?” Kat said, giving a little flick of her eyebrows.

“Yeah,” Christina breathed, smiling nervously as her body felt completely at sea.

“Whisky?” she asked, stepping across to the bar.

“Yeah,” Christina said, taking a deep breath.

“Ok, I’ll get that. Why don’t you give James a blowjob while I get ready?” she said casually. The deal was agreed and now it was game on, Kat just giving an order to her older rival with frustrating ease.

“A blowjob?” Christina said, looking at Kat turning away from her then back to James, “sure, no problem.”

It wasn’t like she hadn’t done it before to exquisite results, though not for an audience. But Kat was no simple audience and very shortly she would seemingly become her first ever lesbian lover, so it hardly seemed like a big deal to suck cock in front of her. Smoothing her silky black dress out, she dropped obediently to her knees as James stepped to her, undoing his zip to reveal his impressive prick.

She wasted no time and went straight for it, committed now as she took hold of him to stroke, feeling him strain in anticipation of her. Her hot mouth slipped over his bulbous head and she slid him over her tongue as he groaned, hand pushing through her red hair as it all the time seemed to when she sucked his cock, though that had only been for the last week. Christina focused on her job however and sucked firmly, pushed her tongue up into him and started bobbing her head determinedly.

Her focus was clinical and she just got on with it, sucking harder as she felt him respond, groaning as he enjoyed her oral skills. Her tongue pressed and probed into the bottom of his cock, working against the tip of him and enjoying the different contours of his head. He shoved a bit firmer, evidently intending to get on with it and it told her how the evening was gonna go. Well, somewhat, since she had no idea what Kat was gonna be like but what she’d seen so far told her it was gonna be rough.

Her eyes flicked sideways as she bobbed on him to where Kat was, still in her vision as she prepared herself. It was quite deliberate, with the beautiful actress standing where Christina could see her as she sucked cock with an audience for the first time in her life. In fairness Kat couldn’t recall a time when she’d had someone watching either so she guessed it was new for both of them as she slowly removed her blouse, peeling off the red cotton and putting it apart. She kept her high heels on as she reached for the back of her skirt, fingers finding the zip and drawing it carefully down.

It went loose at her hips and she made sure Christina’s eyes were on her as she leaned down, offering the redhead a fantastic view of her tits while she pushed the skirt off her curvy hips and dropped it to the floor, smiling at her cock sucking rival with a devilish grin. She put her skirt apart and stood back up to let Christina see her in full, wearing sexy dark blue lingerie with a sexy lace-embroidered balconette bra that strained with impressive strength as it held her fantastic double-D tits up. It barely contained her, pulling hard into her back as she turned somewhat when she put the skirt apart, letting Christina glimpse that the matching lacy panties were a thong to show off her toned ass.

The sheer parts of the thong left her dark landing strip of hair visible, not that Christina was focused on it as she sucked cock, his straining shaft in her mouth her primary concern as he shoved it against the back of her throat. It made her eyes water a little and squeeze shut, just getting on with it as Kat gave a stretch and grabbed her strap-on harness, wasting no further time stepping into it and pulling it up her legs. She just watched her new subordinate fellating their casting agent as she casually tightened the straps, feeling them pull around her strong thighs and up under her ass, before holding the silicone cock and tightening the waistband as well.

Settling it on herself and giving a final tweak to the harness, Kat smiled down at the thick purple toy at her hips and looked back up at Christina, seeing the redhead’s eyes flick to her again and do a double take, suddenly confronted by the strapped up brunette now waiting for her, the first time she’d ever encountered such a thing. Her heart raced as she continued to bob her head, contemplating what had suddenly become very real in a matter of seconds and how she was gonna handle it. She figured it wouldn’t be up to her anyway as Kat would likely boss the encounter that was to come.

“James,” Kat said, “I’m ready.”

James glanced at her, then down at her strap-on as she cheekily gave it a little jiggle with a smile.

“Great, how do you want her?” he asked, both of them dismissively discussing Christina as she obediently sucked cock like she’d been told.

Naked. Stand her up,” Kat instructed. James took a last moment to shove into her throat, feeling her gag a little before he pulled out of her, feeling her lips wrap perfectly around his bulging head as he retracted. He leaned down and grabbed her under the arms, lifting her easily from the floor as Kat stepped around behind her. Christina looked at James with wide eyes and gave a glance back to the brunette at her back before she felt hands on the zip of her dress.

It was sleeveless and silky, the smooth black fabric a treat for Kat to touch as she ran her fingers over it and grabbed the zip, drawing it smoothly down in one easy motion to let it tumble open around the pale redhead, exposing her bra strap and pale, slender back. Christina just stood and did as she was evidently asked, even if neither James nor Kat spoke, dropping her arms forward to let the dress slip down for Kat to grab it and work it off her hips so it tumbled into a pool around her feet.

It left her in her bra and panties, and a pair of thigh high nylon hold-up stockings. The black bra was slightly padded as she often wore but with nice satin cups and a dainty lace edge design. The panties were similarly satin with the silky smooth fabric hugging her womanly curves, Kat’s hands making her jump a little as she ran her hands down her sides and over her hips, letting her fingers trail round over her firm round ass to feel her through the sexy panties.

“Very nice, it’s like you came dressed to fuck, Christina,” Kat teased, smiling at James past her shoulder.

“I…well…” Christina mumbled, stammering a little which she cursed herself for.

“Let’s not put it to waste,” James smiled, reaching down for a squeeze of Christina’s gigantic tits, making her mumble with a shiver of excitement, having never been sandwiched between a couple before. Kat pulled her fingers into her bra strap and ran around it, pulling it back against her and pinching it together to release it, letting the garment drop loosely for her to shrug off. Her enormous tits dropped free as she sent the bra to the floor, nipples stiffening fully in the air as James’ hands immediately went to them, trying to support and encapsulate them in his grasp as she trembled, hefting the sheer weight of them.

Her concentration was elsewhere though as Kat’s hands slid straight down her sides and hooked into her panties, pulling them up a little for a second to just tease with them before pulling them down her nylon-clad legs and adding them to her clothes on the floor, leaving her in just the stockings and high heels. James stepped back a little to take her in, pausing when his eyes took in her pussy that was shaved completely smooth.

“Oh very nice, Christina,” he commented, making her look down a little awkwardly. She hated being displayed as she was.

“What?” Kat asked, standing back up.

“She’s definitely come ready to fuck,” he smiled. Kat stepped forward close to Christina, the strap-on bumping against the back of her thighs as she held her hips and hugged tightly to look over at her, taking in her silky pussy which was absolutely delightful in its smoothness.

“Oh fuck yeah she did,” she smiled, pushing her hand over the flare of her pelvis to run her fingers directly over the freshly shaved lips as the redhead gasped in shock and sensation. She’d never been touched so intimately by another woman before and it was a rush to her, but Kat was so confident and assured that she knew she’d be taken care of.

“Since she’s down to fuck, let’s get on with it huh?” Kat smiled.

“Sure, where do you want her?” James asked as Kat’s fingers gently continued to stroke at Christina, the actress pushing her hips forward a little against the delicate touch as she rushed in arousal.

“Bed, on her back.”

“No problem,” he said and took her hand, pulling her to the bed as Kat let go of her. She just padded slowly behind as Christina stumbled a little in turning round from her puddle of clothes to be led to the bed on shaky legs, losing all sense of control as they kicked things off and pulled her towards her first lesbian experience. James pulled her to the bed and then spun her around, shoving her back so she tumbled onto the bed a little back from the edge, her legs hanging off as Kat approached.

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