Bus Ride

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NSFW: yes

I don’t usually fall asleep on bus rides, bumpy roads make sleepy hard. But work hours had been rough the day at the beach long, and exhaustion was real. I was riding to the last stop anyways so it wasnt like I’d miss my stop by snoozing. That’s why I didn’t notice until it was too late to stop.

The feel of unfamiliar warmth rubbing my chest. The sensation of wetness between my thighs and a thin, firm pressure against my swim suit. At least that’s what my not-yet-awake brain had concluded was happening. Except groggy brain was wrong.

My chest wasn’t being rubbed, my breasts were fully exposed from my suit top as unfamiliar hands pinched my nipples. There wasn’t a sensation against my swim bottoms, those too had been pushed apart as a finger, no two…THREE fingers pressed their way into the soft folds between my thighs, guided effortlessly by my growing wetness.

I didn’t dare open my eyes, to afraid to know how many were watching. Too turned on to give them reason to stop.

Just a good little stress release to be felt up and cum on…

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