Bobby and Tina meet. Part 5.

Dee and I sat at the bar watching Bobby and Tina going at it on the sofa. Dee softly says to me, “Bobby is really liking that. Tina is, too.”

Tina was holding onto Bobby’s waist with her head raised, watching this horny 18 year old give her a good fucking. Bobby slowed his pumping leaning his mouth down and sucking on her nice titties.

Tina’s head hit the sofa again and she started jerking into a hard orgasm. Tina’s legs bent back along side of Bobby’s torso, letting him pound her cuming pussy.

Bobby made Tina cum again. He ground up in Tina’s wet pussy and leaned down kissing her. Tina grabbed his head and mashed her mouth on his. The wet kiss ended and Bobby asked her if she wanted to change positions. Tina said sure.

Bobby raised from Tina, his hard cock leaving her tight pussy. Tina looked at her young sex partner and ask what position he wanted to do. Bobby answers, “From behind ok with you?”

Tina smiled and rolled over, getting up on her knees, resting her forearms on the arm of the sofa. She spread her knees aside, offering Bobby her sexy ass and plump pussy.

Dee pipes up, “Nice ass, huh. Bobby? Spank it for her.” Dee told him.

Both Bobby and Tina looked over at Dee and I. Dee smiled at them and told Bobby again to spank her.

Tina turned her head looking back at Bobby, him kneeling behind her round, little ass. Tina wiggled her ass a bit and tells Bobby she doesn’t mind, go ahead.

Bobby squeezed Tina’s ass cheeks, looking at her tight pucker hole and pussy. He gives one ass cheek a slap then the other.

“OOO! OOO!” Tina murmurs. She looked straight ahead as Bobby spanked her sexy ass some more.

Bobby looked over Dee and I then down at Tina and says, “I didn’t know girls, I mean women, liked that.”

Dee tells him that we all enjoy the thrill of having our ass spanked during sex, “Maybe not all women enjoy it, but we do.”

Tina’s ass cheeks turned pinkish red before Bobby decided to fuck her again. Bobby gripped Tina’s hips and added to the reddening of her ass with his banging hips.

This went on for some time before Bobby stopped pumping and asked, “You can’t get pregnant, can you, Tina?”

“Im on the pill, Bobby. You can cum in me.” Tina tells Bobby.

Bobby started rapidly smacking against Tina’s ass again. He slams up in her and lets a moan, holding Tina’s ass tight against him as he came in her.

Bobby pulls out of Tina’s tight pussy and plunks down on the sofa breathing hard. Tina does the same. Both young people catching their breath.

“That was fucking great, Tina. You feel as good as you look.” Bobby tells Tina.

“I enjoyed it very much, Bobby. I’m glad we did it. Just what I needed after a long day at work.” Tina smiling answers back, then leans over kissing Bobby’s cheek quickly.

I took a sip of my drink then say, “That calls for a smoke. I could use one after watching that hot show.”

“Yeah me, too. How about you kids?” Dee says, then adds, “Now that we all know one another very well, what shall we do now?”

Bobby and Tina walk over to the bar. Dee’s sitting on a bar stool with her shapely legs crossed, holding a cigarette. She. Smiles at her young neighbor then looks down at his spent,, but still hard cock.

Dee reaches for his cock and slowly pulls on it, smiling at him and says, “You having a good time, honey? It’s nice being an adult, huh? I’m glad you kept your youthful desires for me until you became of age.”

Dee kept slowly pulling back and forth on Bobby’s cock and he says, “You don’’t know how many times I wished your top would fall off so I could see your boobs.”

Dee smiled,, blowing out a drag of smoke and replies, “Yeah? Well, you got to see them now, and play with them.”

Bobby then reaches up and squeezes Dee’s round titties and tells her that he really loves her tits.

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NSFW: yes

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