Bad/Good Timing

(35M) I was getting a blow job off my my partner (26F) and I was really savouring it but taking a bit long for her comfort. She’s really working hard to make me cum, rapidly jerking me off whilst bobbing her mouth up and down my shaft in pace with her hand, finally overwhelmed by all this I discover myself about to erupt big time as she stops, takes her mouth off my penis and asks “you nearly there?” with her hand still on my dick with it pointing directly at my face. Several large squirts hit my left eye, chest and mouth. She bursts out laughing at my sticky situation as I struggle to blink, run my fingers through my drenched chest and lick the sperm off my lower lip. Since then whenever she’s giving me oral, I was tell her when I’m about to cum 🤣

NSFW: yes

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