Wife shared (Intro)

My wife and I have been married 30 years. She is shy, modest, and conservative. She is a “good girl”. She doesn’t usually talk dirty. This happened when we had only been married about 4 months. This is how I remember it, and I think about it constantly.
My wife and I worked together, but sometimes had different hours. She had arrived home about 30 minutes before me and showered. When I got home she was sitting on the couch in just a t shirt watching tv. I was immediately aroused seeing her hard nipples under her shirt and her hairy bush just peaking out. I sat down by her and kissed her. (After work sex was common for us then.). She didn’t protest when my hands started to roam, even though she knew I had to leave in a few minutes for an evening work session in a nearby town. Three of our coworkers, all older married men, were gonna pick me up. One of them (JD) was closer to us and we had spent time with him and his family.
She was already wet and we moved fast. She was grinding on my hand as I played with her clit and fingered her. After a few short minutes I told her I was gonna have to go soon. Her only response was “don’t stop”. So I kept going. She unzipped me and played with my throbbing cock. She was getting close and her breathing was getting hard. We heard a car outside and I started to pull away, but again she whispered “don’t stop “. I kept going and she was making little noises like she was fixing to cum. I could hear someone coming up our steps. There was a knock at the door. Again I heard “don’t stop”. Another knock and I told her the door is unlocked and he could walk in. “Don’t stop now.” I could see the far away look in her eyes as she started to cum. As soon as she finished I zipped up, still throbbing and ready. He knocked again and just as she eased down the hallway out of sight, JD opened the door, looked at me and said “hurry up”. I went down the hall and kissed her then left with them.
When I got home she was asleep, so my questions waited for the next night. I was rubbing her back as we lay in bed. I asked her what she would have done if JD had walked in on us. Her response was “I don’t know.” I pushed it a little telling her he would’ve been looking straight at her pussy with her legs spread and shirt pushed up above her tits. I asked if she would’ve wanted to finish and she said “probably “. I asked if she thought he would have watched and she said “maybe “. She was getting aroused and I slipped my hand between her legs to find a wet pussy and already swollen clit. I asked if she would’ve liked being watched and she said “I don’t know, I’ve never done that.” I was rubbing her clit and fingering her and asked what if he did more than watch? She said “like what?” “Touched you like this? “. Again “I don’t know.” “Kissed you?” She said “on the lips? I don’t know about that.” “On your body? Ate you?” I asked. Again “ I don’t know.”
As I got between her legs she raised her ass and I was fucking her from behind. “Would you like it?” I asked. “Maybe”. I asked if she’d like him behind her right now. She answered with “I like you there.” I told her I liked it too. Then asked what she’d have done if he pulled his cock out and fucked her. “I’m not sure. Would you let him?” I told her if she wanted it. We were fucking faster and I could feel her begin to cum. I couldn’t stand it and blew my load inside her.
As we lay there beside each other, it was her turn to ask questions. She started with “Would you be jealous?” Of course. “Would you leave me?” “Never! It would just be something we tried.” “Do you want to be that close to another naked man?” I told her I just wanted to make her happy. She told me she was. She asked what I would do if he did fuck her. I told her I would probably watch, maybe kiss her or caress her. By now she was stroking me and climbed on top and we did it again. I could feel her excitement. While she was on top of me I asked if she wanted me to call him and set it up. She didn’t answer but she came pretty quick after. Then she told me no that would be embarrassing. I remember her saying “you don’t really want him to do me.” She didn’t really want to talk about it after, so I didn’t push. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Continued…

NSFW: yes

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