Aunt Louise and Her Noises (Fucked My Auntie)

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It was the middle of a hot summer night, and I lay there, looking out the
window near my bed. I liked looking out at the starry night, playing with
myself. I tried to look in the windows of the houses around me, but there was
little to see.

I thought about my Aunt Louise, who had just come to live with my mom and me.
She had been there about three weeks, and I had tried to devise a plan to peek
on her, to see her tits and her hairy muff.

I heard a noise, a muffled moan. I sat up in bed, cocking my head one way, then
another. There it was again. I wondered. It sounded like it came from inside
the house. I got out of bed and walked to my door, and opened it very slowly,
very quietly. I heard the moan again, and this time, I was sure that it came,
not only from inside the house, but just down the hallway.

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I crept down the hallway carefully, wondering what it was. A strip of light
shone at the base of Aunt Louise’s bedroom, and suddenly, I could hear the
sound again. The moan had definitely come from her room. I started to turn the
door knob, but realized that the door wasn’t shut all the way. I pushed, and it
opened a crack. I stuck my face to the crack, and looked inside.

Aunt Louise lay on the bed, naked, her legs spread wide. Her legs were bent at
the knees, facing me. I had a really good view of her hairy pussy and ass hole.
Sticking out of her ass was a vibrator. I could barely hear it buzzing. She had
a finger right at the top of her pussy, moving it around and around. Her other
hand was at her tits, pinching her nipples.

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My cock throbbed in my briefs, just looking at the sight. I reached down and
pulled my briefs down to my ankles and stepped out of them, letting my cock
jump up. I leaned back toward the crack in the door and grasped my cock, slowly
stroking it as I watched my aunt.

I had never expected to see such a thing. Aunt Louise’s pussy was really hairy,
dotted all over with dark, thick, black hairs. The sight of that was nearly
enough to make me cum.

I pushed the door open a little wider, and I could plainly hear the vibrator
now. She reached down and pushed the vibrator deeper into her ass, and my cock
throbbed as I watched her. She took a finger and stuck it into her cunt and moved it in and out rapidly.

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I opened the door a little more. The light from the lamp beside the bed
illuminated the room brightly, and I stepped into the room, my hard cock in my
other hand. I stood there and watched my aunt, and I began stroking my
rock-hard cock slowly.

She looked at me. A look of surprise and shock spread across her face, and then
she looked down at my cock, at my hand slowly moving up and down as I stroked

Fuck me, Donald,” she said.


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