Aunt Louise and Her Noises (Fucked My Auntie)

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It was the middle of a hot summer night, and I lay there, looking out the
window near my bed. I liked looking out at the starry night, playing with
myself. I tried to look in the windows of the houses around me, but there was
little to see.


I thought about my Aunt Louise, who had just come to live with my mom and me.
She had been there about three weeks, and I had tried to devise a plan to peek
on her, to see her tits and her hairy muff.

I heard a noise, a muffled moan. I sat up in bed, cocking my head one way, then
another. There it was again. I wondered. It sounded like it came from inside
the house. I got out of bed and walked to my door, and opened it very slowly,
very quietly. I heard the moan again, and this time, I was sure that it came,
not only from inside the house, but just down the hallway.

I crept down the hallway carefully, wondering what it was. A strip of light
shone at the base of Aunt Louise’s bedroom, and suddenly, I could hear the
sound again. The moan had definitely come from her room. I started to turn the
door knob, but realized that the door wasn’t shut all the way. I pushed, and it
opened a crack. I stuck my face to the crack, and looked inside.

Aunt Louise lay on the bed, naked, her legs spread wide. Her legs were bent at
the knees, facing me. I had a really good view of her hairy pussy and ass hole.
Sticking out of her ass was a vibrator. I could barely hear it buzzing. She had
a finger right at the top of her pussy, moving it around and around. Her other
hand was at her tits, pinching her nipples.

My cock throbbed in my briefs, just looking at the sight. I reached down and
pulled my briefs down to my ankles and stepped out of them, letting my cock
jump up. I leaned back toward the crack in the door and grasped my cock, slowly
stroking it as I watched my aunt.

I had never expected to see such a thing. Aunt Louise’s pussy was really hairy,
dotted all over with dark, thick, black hairs. The sight of that was nearly
enough to make me cum.

I pushed the door open a little wider, and I could plainly hear the vibrator
now. She reached down and pushed the vibrator deeper into her ass, and my cock
throbbed as I watched her. She took a finger and stuck it into her cunt and moved it in and out rapidly.

I opened the door a little more. The light from the lamp beside the bed
illuminated the room brightly, and I stepped into the room, my hard cock in my
other hand. I stood there and watched my aunt, and I began stroking my
rock-hard cock slowly.

She looked at me. A look of surprise and shock spread across her face, and then
she looked down at my cock, at my hand slowly moving up and down as I stroked

Fuck me, Donald,” she said.

I walked toward the bed, my hard dick sticking up and pointing one way, then
the other as I walked. The feeling of walking toward my hot, naked aunt with a
hardon bouncing around was a thrill beyond imagining.

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As I got on the bed beside her, she reached over and grabbed my cock, sending
chills all over my body. Her fingers were soft and warm, and she squeezed my
dick gently as she stroked upward.

“Ah, yes, Donald,” she said. “Fuck me with that hard cock.”

I rolled over on top of her, pressing my cock against her wet pussy. Her pussy
was hot to the touch. I could feel the vibrator against my balls, and this sent
thrills of ecstasy into me that I didn’t know were possible.

I bent my face toward her tits, and opened my mouth and took one of her hard,
dark red nipples between my lips. I pressed my lips together, and moved my
tongue across her nipple. She moaned, and it was that same moan that I had
heard earlier. The sound thrilled me.

I pressed my cock against the opening to her cunt, and I slowly pushed it
inward, feeling the warm, smooth wetness of Aunt Louise’s pussy. The end of the
vibrator was against my ass hole, sending another, totally different sensation
through my bowels. I had never, ever expected to experience anything like that.

I thrust all the way into my aunt’s wet pussy, eliciting a shout from her.

“Fuck me, Donald!” she shouted.

I pulled out of her wet pussy, then thrust in again harder. Then, I began a
rhythmic pumping with my cock as I sucked on her tits, biting her nipples
gently with my teeth, then rubbing my tongue across them as I sucked.

I could feel Aunt Louise’s stomach muscles contract, and her legs began to

“Oh, God, I’m cumming!” she shouted.

Her whole body seemed to be contorted by spasms as she came. She twisted her
legs back and forth, kicked, and twisted her groin one way and then the other.
All the while, she was moaning, making animal-like noises through clenched

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I continued thrusting, and could feel my own orgasm cumming on.

“Cum in my face, on my tits, Donald. I want to watch.”

I pulled out of her and sat across her chest. She reached for my dick and
wrapped her hand around it and began stroking. She stroked the wet hard on
really fast, and I came, load after load of hot, white jism shooting out and
hitting her in the cheek, the neck, and falling on her tits.

She moved her hands to her cheeks and rubbed the cum toward her mouth, licking
with her fingers. I had never seen that, either.

Still, the vibrator buzzed in her ass, and she finally reached down and pulled
it out. She found the switch and clicked it, and the buzzing stopped.

She tossed it on the floor. “I won’t need that any more,” she said. “I got a
really hot, flesh vibrator right here.” She smiled.

At the door, my mother stood there, watching us. Her fingers were working in
and out of a pussy that was even hairier than Aunt Louise’s hot snatch.

“You guys are going to leave me out of this?” she asked.

“Hell, no, come and share with us,” said Aunt Louise.

Mom walked toward the bed, and big smile on her face.


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