All About Her Part 2 [M18-F41] [Cuckolding]

By late spring/early summer when the temperatures began enticing COVID hermits from their homes and gardens were near full bloom, Mags decided the time was right to set in motion her plan to see how far she could go with the young neighbor.

Like any ordinary 18 year old he was considering gonna university. Apart from his continued helping of Mags with the garden chores she also assisted him in what to look for in making a selection (as she did with our son). This actually helped Sid to become more relaxed in her business and smoothed the way toward her private goal.

When working with him in the garden she changed from her usual attire. She chose to wear a flimsy camisole instead of a bra under her loose fitting, open collared shirt. Her cleavage was clearly visible without her having to bend. Her tits swayed and moved under the soft fabric as she worked, causing her nipples to rise becoming delectable visible twin peaks. Did Sid notice? That he did. Mags made sure she bent and squatted in front of him giving him the clearest view. She watched and when he stole a look she made sure to catch his gaze, hold it and then smile. She nodded letting him know she was ok with his seeing them and adjusted herself, affording him a closer look. He locked eyes with her and as she moved her hand to reveal more of herself he swallowed and never broke away from her gaze. The fact that he didn’t immediately take her up on the offer was but a momentary setback.

Mags rose, and as it was getting toward tea, asked Sid to help gather their tools and return them to the gardening shed where they were stored. Mags went in first and, after stowing hers, turned just as Sid entered with the rest. She stepped forward attaching her mouth to his in a long, deep, penetrating kiss. After catching their breath, she pulled back to see what effect her lustful advance had on the boy. There was a moment of confusion that crossed his face, but in the next instant he pulled her close and kissed her even deeper and more passionately than she hoped for. In their embrace she could feel the growth of his cock beneath his jeans as it pressed against her mons. Her breath caught. She wanted it. She needed it. Mags pulled back enough to lift her arms.
Instinctively Sid knew to lift her blouse off over her head. Mags then took his hands and placed them on her tits and with her eyes encouraged him to squeeze her nipples as they began again to devour each other’s mouths. Her hands eventually made their way down the front of of Sid’s jeans. As she began to caress him through his pants he brought his hands down to cover his erection so obviously straining against the fabric. Mags pulled back from their lip and tongue fucking, smiled and nodded as she removed his hands assuring him that it was ok with her. She began stroking his cock as she again allowed his probing tongue to entwine with hers. As little groans began escaping his throat she knew she had to have him. But not in the shed. She wanted all of him. She needed this and she knew he could give it her. Due to its spontaneity she knew couldn’t take him home with me there unprepared.

Sid was having the same thoughts. He wasn’t a virgin, but this woman had been driving him crazy for months.
He tossed off with images of her naked and ready…legs spread beckoning him to her bed. And here she was wanting him as much as he wanted her. What about her husband? Does that really matter? Sis wasn’t home now and wouldn’t be back for hours. Sid whispered in Mags ear, “Can you come to my house after tea?”
She looked in his eyes, “Are you sure? Will anyone else be there?” Sid confirmed it would be just them. Mags smiled and told him she would tell me she was going over to help with his University search after tea and that should give them the time to satisfy their desires in comfort without discovery. Mags kissed him and left after pulling her top back on. Sid sat down on a bag of manure still reeling from the realization that his fantasy was about to become reality. Locking the shed he looked back at our house and then headed home to shower and prepare for Mags arrival.

NSFW: yes

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