New arrangement with Joe. He’s enjoying himself. Part 7.

Watching Dee and Joe fucking on my sofa was hot as hell. It had me hot. I couldn’t sit still, squirming and squeezing my thighs together.

Joe pushed himself up from Dee, grinding up in her pussy, very wet from her cuming so hard. Dee looked dazed and dazzled.

Joe leaned down and sucked her nipples. He then pulled out of Dee and took her hand, pulling her up. Joe wanted to change positions. His favorite I’ve come to think.

He asked Dee to get on her knees and face the back of the sofa. Dee didn’t say anything but did what young Joe wanted. Dee knelt up and put her hands on the back of the sofa.

She turned her head to look back as Joe pulled her knees back towards the edge of the cushion by her slender ankles. Her tiny feet were hanging off of the sofa cushion now. Dee’s sexy bare ass and pussy were right there for Joe.

He stepped between her feet and Dee turned her face back towards the wall, knowing what was coming next.

Joe kneaded her ass cheeks then rubbed her puffy pussy. Dee has quite the camel toe for such a fit, shapely woman, not that that has anything to do with her pussy being plump. Sort of like two large orange wedges still connected. You know what I mean, I hope.

Joe looked down at the sight of Dee’s naked backside. Two sexy melons and a tight, juicy clam. Joe is hungry.

He put the head of his cock in Dee and Dee murmured, “oooo. Oh my!,” then hummed, “Umm, ahm, Mmm, Ahh.” With a breath between each humming moan.

I had a good seat for this live show. Joe’s tight bare ass-his body, his fat cock plugging her pussy, and watching and hearing my best friend. Dee was getting fucked like she probably didn’t imagine she would be.

This happening in front of me, had me turned on tremendously. This was another, of many, things that I discovered I like. What can I say? Watching two people having sex turns me on.

Dee’s tits were swaying, banging against each other, as Joe enjoyed smacking into Dee’s ass cheeks. They had a light pink hue to them and finger marks.

Fucking Dee must be very pleasurable for young Joe because he wasn’t at all quiet either. Yelping a, “OHH! MMM”, with every other plunge into Dee’s pussy.

I couldn’t help it, I needed to comfort my wildly throbbing pussy. I set my drink down, thinking my touching myself wouldn’t be so bad right then. Neither Joe or Dee would see me.

I scooted my ass out some and rested back in the bar stool. My feet on the rung of the stool, I let my knees fall open. I caressed my pinging pussy through the thong.

My eyes were fixed on the scene before me. Joe fucking Dee. Her body bouncing forward from each hard slam of Joe’s fat cock.

My fingertips stopped at my blood filled clit. I was saying to myself, ‘Oh fuck. Fuck me. Yeah, mmm.’

I was gonna cum. I wanted to so badly. My grunting might draw attention. I didn’t care.

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NSFW: yes

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