Accidentally sent nudes to my step mom, P1.

Came home at 9pm on a Saturday. Just left a date with my embifriend, just hade sex too. It was my first time and it was amazing. My name is Lily, 18 female. I was accepted to school and is in the middle of packing. Since it’s Saturday my dad is at work. Just me and my stepmom. You know the saying “Leave him wanting more”? “Thats what I am going to do.” I said I was in the middle of a bath when I got out and got some rose petals. I took them and placed them perfectly on the water. I took out my phone and took some selfies. I was sooo sexy. Just about 3. Now my embifriend in my texts name was Mol, cause their name is Molly. My stepmom’s name is Mom. As soon as I sent it I knew she was gonna see it. I as I was trying to discover a hiding place I heard “LILY NOËL JOHNSON JR!”I just mumbled “Yes, Elizabeth” I got dressed and met up with her. “What is this?” she barked. I replied “What do you think it is?”. “Why so sassy?” “What?” “I’m not angry, I just wanna know?” She said so sexily. I’m not going to lie she is sexy. Shes like the textbook definition of a vixen. With long blonde hair, and brown eyes. She slyly walked towards me. I at all times knew why dad picked her, I would fuck her too.”Its nudes” I mumbled, I was so embarrassed. “I wont tell, as long as you do something for me” “Are we going to do the porn thing where you fuck me?” I said. “Yes” she replied in her ordinary voice. I immediately step towards her and pulled her in a wet kiss. I started rubbing her pussy. And said into ear “No panties? You’re such a slut” “Nu-uh, unless you want your dad to hear about this, i’m in charge. “Fine…” She took my hand a threw me on the bed. “I’ll show you what this slut can do” She sat on my face! Her ass is so thick, so fluffy it felt like heaven. I immediately started licking. “Fuuuuck” “Right there, right there” She even moaned sexy. I barely had any air, I tried calling out by tapping the bed” But she didn’t move. “Don’t be a pussy, lick that pussy.” “Thats platinum pussy” She was so sexy, but i was about to pass out. She finally got off. “Elizabeth?” She slapped me “Call me daddy, slut!” She was mean, but I loved it.

NSFW: yes

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