A trip that didn’t want to go for. (Sister’s friend)

My cousin sister and her friends were going on a trip. My aunt forced me to go on the trip with them. I sat on the flight with my cousin sister dreading the boring trip ahead of me. But soon after I landed everything changed. I met a friend of hers. Rhea. Long wavy hair. Thick af with a horny face.

I was 23 and she was 26. We flirted throughout the trip. She grinded against me at the parties. We hit it off. She had just broken up a couple months back this one night she told me. And she was telling me how her ex was such a neat freak so they all the time had clean sex. I was like what does clean sex mean? She said he didn’t like body fluids and all the time kept a towel to wipe his dick everytime she even put in her mouth. So I told her he’s a jackass and I’d never do that.

We made out a little. We were kinda drunk so we made out nice and sloppy. She loved the fact that I was letting her drool in my mouth. She took my dick out and asked me how I want it. I said definitely not clean. I want you to make it dirty. She spit on it and looked at me stroking me a little and said like that? I nodded biting my lip. She sucked me so deep. Her warm mouth slobbering all over it. Moaning while at it. She sucked me till I shot ropes in her throat moaning “rhea”. She smiled with my dick throbbing in her throat dripping out the last few drops in her throat and I pulled my dick out slow from her mouth. Her lips sliding off as I pulled it out with strings of her spit on it to see my dick covered in her saliva and her face all messy. I helped her clean up and she slept in my arms. We had 3 more days to go till the trip ends.

NSFW: yes

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