Platonic Friends 17 – Plans (fiction, 23M/23F/23F, Con, Friends, Roommates, Open Relation)

I sat at the table eating Felicity’s a plate of shrimp pasta that she had cooked while the two ‘talked’ about our arrangements while I silently listened and ate.

They had used my idea of ‘us’ helping one another out and literally ran with that idea.

At first they sort of bickered on ‘how’ they were gonna help each other be blunt and bold while the other was to be reserved until I grunted an idea….write down ideas on how they each could accomplish that.

And that’s what they were doing now as they wrote on little slivers of paper ‘ideas’ on how each would accomplish the task and separating the ‘idea’s into different bowls.

If it were me I would have wrote the ideas on different shades of paper like red for ‘ideas’ for Felicity to accomplish and maybe blue or purple for ‘ideas’ for Emma. Red for embarrassment because Felicity needed to be more blunt and bold. And blue or purple for reserved.

But that was what I would do. Might re-do the ‘ideas’ later but for now the girls were furiously writing ideas before putting the papers into different bowls.

After about 30 minutes of them furious writing they both nodded and looked at me as Emma spoke, “These ideas are for Felicity that ‘she’ needs to accomplish on your dates with her.”

As Felicity continued holding her own bowl, “And these are ‘ideas’ for Emma that ‘she’ needs to accomplish on your dates with her.”

I eyed both girls, “Ok and ‘when’ would we be going on these dates?”

Both looked at one another before looking at me as Emma spoke, “I was thinking maybe we take turns like you and I go on a date Friday nights while you and Felicity go on Saturdays.” She smiled before amending, “If schedule allows that is. I know you work ‘odd’ hours.”

Felicity added, “OR we could switch weeks. One Friday or Saturday you and I go on a date using the ideas for me. Then the following Friday or Saturday you and Emma go on a date using the ideas for her.”

I looked at the two before nodding, “I guess that makes sense. But the REAL problem is that I don’t have a bunch of free money floating at all times so if it’s alright with you two can we do every other weekend?”

The girls looked at one another as Emma spoke, “Well if WE want this to happen I guess it would be fair if WE start a dating bowl. The bowl covers the dates?”

Felicity spoke, “I was going to say WE help pay but I guess the date bowl works too.”

Emma smiled, “How about $50 a week from each of us? First we’ll go small on dates like mini golf or something before going someplace expensive.”

Felicity added, “Or movies?”

Emma nodded, “Then IF we wanted a BIG date we each throw $75 down?”

Felicity lightly chuckled, “I prefer small dates but I can see a BIG one eventually. How about when WE want the BIG EXPENSIVE date we tell each other in advance so we have time to come up with the $75?”

Emma smirked, “That works.”

Both girls looked at me to make sure their ‘idea’ would work for me.

I mean I ‘could’ easily plan for $50 a week…..though I’d have to give up on some things… meat.


Between rent, bills, my car, groceries, gas and other little things my measly paycheck only stretches SO FAR. Hell I’m lucky if I get to play with $30 a week and now these two were asking me to give that up plus discover another $20.

Looks like I’ll be putting in a lot of hours at my job just to cover the EXTRA the girls want to do.

Or you know discover another job….that has been as flexible as my current job has been as I don’t have a SET schedule beyond come in and at least do five deliveries, I usually do about ten or so when I go in. Not that I get paid by ‘delivery’ but hour and mileage.

I really like when I have to drive to the mini city and back. Doubly so when I go and have to do another round trip because someone needed something signed by someone and had to bring it back THAT day.

Sure there were OTHER people who do MY job but they usually don’t last long so most of the runs for my business are done by me.

I guess I could go to my boss because I’m the only one who has stuck around and try asking for a raise just so I could afford the extra these two were planning.

What’s the worst they were gonna do? Tell me no?

Fire me? Good luck finding a person to do my job and stick around for as long as I have. Last person they hired to help do my runs lasted three months before he found another job that paid more bringing the available drivers right now to just me.

I swear if I could discover a job that was as lenient as my current one that paid me more I would jump ship but I haven’t.

I looked between the two girls and spoke, “Sure I’ll pitch in but I can’t guarantee it’ll always be $50.”

Emma smiled and ignored that I couldn’t ‘fully’ contribute before waving, “All that matters is that you’re willing to pitch in.”

Felicity put her hand on my arm, “It’s alright Neil I got you.”

I meekly smiled at Felicity, “Thanks.”

Emma continued, “So we got the dates more or less planned. What else should we do?”

Felicity looked like she was visibly thinking as she spoke out loud, “Sleep arrangements? Maybe other things other than dates?”

Emma smiled widely, “I like sleeping arrangements,” she looked at me, “how about I just bunk in your room?”

Felicity spoke quickly, “OH NO! You’re NOT always sleeping with him.”

Emma looked at Felicity, “Relax I said I’ll bunk in his room. I didn’t say HE had to be in OUR room every night.”

Felicity looked at Emma and spoke, “Oh.”

Emma ignored Felicity’s conclusion to her wording as she looked at me, “How about it, Neil? I sleep in your room.”

I felt my face redden as I coughed but still spoke, “I don’t think I can fit your stuff in my room.”

Emma smiled, “I never said ‘I’ would move in. I just said ‘bunk’.”

This time it was ME who spoke, “Oh.”

Felicity spoke, “And your clothes?”

Emma shrugged, “I can just put them in your closet Felicity…..if you have room?”

Felicity rolled her eyes, “We can get you a rolling closet or something as MY closet is full.”

Emma looked at me, “What about you, Neil?”

I sighed and spoke, “Mine’s pretty full as well.”

Emma pouted momentarily before shrugging, “Fine I’ll get one of those portable closets and put it,” she looked around our apartment before deciding on the only clear spot that Felicity hadn’t decorated in the apartment….near the back door to the balcony, “there.”

Felicity looked in the direction that Emma indicated, as did I, before she spoke, “As long as you don’t block the door that should be fine.”

Emma smiled, “Perfect.” She looked at us, “So we got dates planned, sleeping arrangements figured out. What else?”

Felicity chimed in, “Other stuff?”

Emma snapped, “Right. How about we make Wednesday Game Nights? Sunday’s is a ‘Lazy Day’.” Emma smiled at us, “I’m not religious so if you have to go to church don’t expect me to join you.”

I spoke, “Games? As in ‘Board’ Games?”

Emma nodded, “Yes. Just something to do. Maybe a little bit of Yahtzee, some shoots and ladders, maybe some UNO.”

She looked at us both, “But NO monopoly please. Don’t want me to rage quit when I don’t get my ‘preferred’ properties, trust me it’s not pretty.”

Felicity smirked, “And here I thought you were going to suggest ‘Sex Games’.”

Emma looked at Felicity, “What? I can think with my brain and not my pussy.” She smirked and leaned towards Felicity, “But if YOU ‘really’ want games I could ‘suggest’ weekly tying you down and see what vices turn you on.”

Emma smiled wickedly, “I think wax will be a good starter if you wish?”

Felicity turned beat red as she coughed, “I’m good.”

Emma looked from Felicity to me, “Think about it Neil. We tie down Felicity here, force her to hold her own candles to drip on her body,” she looked over at Felicity who was turning redder and redder, “I bet $10 that the MOST wax build up is on your nipples.”

Felicity looked down not saying anything as her face was completely crimson.

Emma leaned in and whispered something to Felicity who looked wide eyed as I heard the last part as Emma purred to Felicity, “That’ll make me the wettest.”

Emma looked at me as I sat there semi confused after getting the last part thinking ‘*What will make her the wettest?*’ as I was thinking something about wax on something…..but what. I was snapped out of my thoughts as Emma spoke, “Don’t think you’re out of the mix.”

She smiled, “I say one day we do MOLDS and gift each other said mold,” she looked down at the table right about where my crotch was, “can’t wait to make some fun toys with that monster.”

This time it was MY turn to turn beat red as I coughed.

Emma reached across the table and grabbed my shirt as she stood up and pulled me in as just purred, “Just thinking about that makes me WANT to do something.”

Then she pulled me in and kissed me.

NSFW: yes

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