A rider to remember Part-2 (Sharing GF with driver and her friends)

Akanksha was lying in a semi-nude state in the middle of the road in an auto at 3.30 in the night. I looked at the driver and asked him what to do. He pulled his zipper and said, “My friend stays close by. We can go there if you are ok!” Akanksha was in no position to say a yes or no. It was on me to decide.

To be honest neither I was in a position to control myself and still was horny with the half-finished sex. Akanksha was equally horny and with only the foreplay. I knew she needed more. It was difficult and I remained undecided about safety. Judging me undecisive the driver said, “Bhabhi tadap rahi hai, don’t think so much, it’s safe!”

I didn’t give it a second wondered and got back in a typical sitting position on the back seat. I hugged Akanksha who was burning up. The driver immediately started once again. Akanksha was still horny and got all over me and started to kiss and smooch me. I could get the smell of the driver’s cock and it turned me on even more.

I kept looking around and saw that he had taken a narrow by lane. We had entered a lower-middle-class vicinity. The roads we’re dimly lit. Finally, he stopped at a dingy corner. He looked backed and asked me to wait. I somehow managed to get Akanksha’s dress a little sorted.

But she wasn’t wearing her panties which were in fact with the driver. I waited anxiously looked around the area. There wasn’t much light but the area looked secluded and a little down market. Too many thoughts were running on my mind. Our safety and security are on top of the list.

Unplanned, unexpected in the middle of the night and in the middle of nowhere there was little left for me to think. A complete stranger has seen Akanksha semi-nude, played and groped and massaged her boobs, got a blowjob and has cum twice on her boobs and in her throat. What else could the night have in store I wondered.

After a couple of minutes, the driver came and asked us to get down and follow him. I grabbed Akanksha’s hand and got out of the auto. Both of us were still tipsy and with shaking legs followed the driver. “Don’t worry bhaiya, it’s safe!” The driver murmured as we entered a narrow lane and went to the end of the lane.

The house was on our left and he guided us to the door. He knocked and someone opened the door. The driver looked at me and indicated us to enter the house quickly and closed the door behind. As I entered I saw 2 men there. Both of them in lungi. The room was not enormous but very dimly lit.

There was no bed, but the arrangement was on the floor. The smell of liquor and cigarettes filled the room There was a lot of stuff lying carelessly around the room. The driver introduced both his friends to me and asked me to sit in one of the bed arrangements on the floor.

The sleepy eyes of the other two lightened immediately when they saw Akanksha. Both of them started to scan her body from head to toe. “Bhaiya, bhabhi ka badan tarap raha hai, aap shuru ho jao,” said the driver to me. All three of them sat down on the other bed made on the floor.

I sat down on the bed and made Akanksha sit beside me. The bed sheet was dirty. But I was too horny to overlook those. As I made Akanksha sit down. Her one-piece dress which was up to her knees went up. As she folded her legs her bare pussy was visible to the others in the room.

They started to whisper amongst each other. To be honest I did not care at that point in time. I glanced at them and all of them were keenly looking at us trying to get a clear view in the dimly lit room. I made her lie down and got on top of her. I pulled her dress down from the shoulders up to her waist, exposing her strapless bra.

All 3 of them started to murmur amongst themselves. As I started to smooch her and pull her bra down I could feel all three of them coming closer to us. I pulled the bra down to her waist. Her  boobs with her erect nipples were exposed to 3 complete strangers. The auto driver came up to us and sat next to us.

The other 2 crawled closer. I got busy on her boobs and started to suck and lick and pump them as hard as I could. Akanksha immediately started to moan. The driver started to make hissing sounds sitting next to us. I kept smooching her and licking her neck, shoulders, and ear.

She started to moan like a woman starving for sex. I glanced at the driver who had taken off his shirt and was sitting only in his shorts. He was rubbing himself. I started to go down on her belly and waist kissing all the way. He couldn’t control anymore.

He started to press Akanksha’s firm boobs with one hand and with the other he was massaging his own cock. I glanced at the other 2. They had freed themselves from the lungi and sitting with their cock standing in attention. I didn’t bother and started to go down more.

I pulled her dress down completely and exposed Akanksha completely nude to all three of them. I indicated her to part her legs. “Arrey, chut mein ek bhi baal nahi hai. Kya maal hai yaar,” said one of them to the others. The driver finally pulled his shorts down and started to slap his erect cock on her boobs.

He looked at me and said, “Bhaiya, you continue with her boobs. Let me taste the chut!” I stopped and indicated him to switch places with me. He immediately got into action. He stretched Akanksha’s legs and in no time started to eat her pussy hungrily.

I got to Akanksha’s face and took my erect cock out and indicated her to suck. Akanksha’s moans got louder and louder as the driver kept sucking and licking her pussy. He kept eating her as if there was no tomorrow. I started to push my cock deeper into her throat while the driver kept digging her pussy.

I looked at the other 2 who were sitting right next to Akanksha’s and shagging their cocks. All of them were unclean and unshaven. It was like a dream come true for all of them. The fact that Akanksha was nude in front of 3 total strangers was a tremendous turn on for me.

Both the guys started to encourage the driver and giggled and laughed. The driver then started to finger Akanksha. He started with 2 and then slowly tried 3 fingers. She started to moan and at times let out a gasp. The other 2 looked at me and said, “Bhaiya, can we join too? Bhabhi seems to like more men!”

I gladly agreed. Both of them sprang into action. I moved to the side to give them space. Both of them got on to her boobs. It was getting hotter and hotter for Akanksha. She started to shiver with 3 men working simultaneously on her body. Her moans got louder and the pace of fingering got harder and harder.

Finally, she let a loud gasp and screamed her second orgasm. The driver couldn’t believe his eyes. And immediately sprang up and positioned his cock in the middle. He looked at me and said, “Bhaiya, aur nahi ho raha. Bhabhi ko shant sab mil ke karte hai.” I smiled at him and he got the hint.

and he pushed himself as hard as he could. “Kya maal hai, ekdum tight” as he rammed his cock. The driver looked at the other guy who was getting himself sucked and said, “Tu next le le Rakesh” and indicated him to come over.

The driver himself positioned his cock in front of Akanksha’s face and grabbed her hair. As Shankar penetrated Akanksha’s ass he shoved his cock in Akanksha’s mouth. This time he was as rough as he could get. He started to fuck her face as hard as he could.

Akanksha was gagging on his cock and the pain was unbearable. Shankar did not stop his thumping. Her plump ass was getting the drilling of her life. Both Shankar and the driver almost came simultaneously. One in her ass and one all over her face and mouth.

As they got up with their cocks dripping cum they looked satisfied and happy. Shankar exclaimed, “Kya maal hai Santosh Bhai, maan gaye.” Akanksha had been drilled to the core and lay motionless with cum dripping from her ass. Her face was also covered in cum.

Rakesh looked at me and said, “Bhaiya aap aur main reh gaye.” Both Shankar and Santosh looked at me smiling and said, “Bhaiya, aap bohot lucky ho, aisa maal daily aapko milta hai.” They sat and started to light cigarettes. Rakesh asked me to go first as he wanted to fuck her last. I gladly agreed.

Akanksha was lying in the face with her face down. I got on top of her and grabbed her boobs and gave it a firm massage. I parted her ass and positioned my cock in her cum filled asshole. I started to ram my cock deep into her ass with all my might.

Rakesh sat beside Akanksha and told the other two, “Saali ka energy dekh, 4 log mil ke chod rahe hai aur abhi bhi gaand utha utha k le rahi hai.” Shankar replied, “Abhi khatam kaha hua, aisi raand ko 2 bar aur chodenge.” In about 4-5 minutes I unloaded in her ass and pulled out.

Rakesh turned her around and was immediately on top of her. He wanted to fuck her pussy. With no rest or respite for more than 2 hours, Akanksha was literally exhausted. Rakesh fucked her for good 15 minutes. He sucked and massaged and pinched her boobs all the while.

Finally, he came deep inside her pussy. Akanksha had no stamina left and once Rakesh was done she did not move an inch. With cum all over her body and fucked to the core she was done for the day. All 4 of us sat and had a smoke. All 3 of them had a lot of questions in their mind.

They actually could not believe their luck. All of them wanted one more round with her. But I promised them for later and finally woke Akanksha up around 8 and left for home. As a token of that day they kept her bra and panties. Shankar took my number and thanked me for the day.

What started off as a typical party night ended as one of the wildest drilling session for Akanksha. Though she was too drunk the memory of that day is still vivid in her mind. Hope you guys enjoyed reading the story.

NSFW: yes

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