[55] [MF] beach opportunities – Short Sex Story

It was our second time on a nudist beach. The first time was a scary event, with us both sat to the side of the main part of the beach encouraging each other to go for it. On that occasion Emma was brave enough to remove her top and I sat there carefully stripping my shorts off and laying them at my side. We didn’t move and we just took in the sights of other naked bodies around us. The worry of whether we’d be able to manage our composure and in my case it would have been a lot more obvious, didn’t materialise thankfully. We eventually dressed and left the rest of the naked bodies, wondering what it was all about. This second time though we’d come prepared mentally and physically. We’d both been naked sunbathing at home and we were determined this time we were gonna bare all and be proud of it. It didn’t however prepare us fully for the events that followed. Minding our own company we found a quiet area of the beach and placed our towels down before looking at each other and stripping. We both stood there stark naked took a view of the other naked bodies on the beach, smiled at each other and laid on our towels. We’d only gone and done it. A little bit later Emma noticed a couple about 20 yards away who seemed to be doing more than applying sun cream to their bodies. He was clearly applying more lotion to the tops of her thighs and she was doing something very similar to the tops of his. He then slid across to the other side of her and this is when we could both clearly see his manhood standing proud in front of him. At the same time he’d spotted Emma watching and gave her a broad smile before refocusing his efforts on the body laid in front of him. Emma looked at me and said can you see that at which I responded yes let’s watch what happens. Next we saw the woman move her hand on to the man’s penis and started to stroke it at which point she also looked over at us and smiled. Clearly our presence didn’t seem to affect their performance and maybe they were enjoying us watching things unfold. Emma clearly wasn’t complaining as she turned onto her side to face them. It was here that things took a turn I wasn’t expecting. Emma brought one leg up, foot still on the ground and to my delight she placed her hand between her legs. She was looking straight at the show being put on only 20 yards away and decided she would give them something to watch too. They both looked over and raised their hands in appreciation. Here I was, laid behind Emma, already with a rock hard penis from watching what was going off and now seeing Emma playing with herself for this couple, I had no choice but to join in the fun. I nuzzled in behind her and slid my now aching member into her moistness against which she let out a little moan. By this time the man had laid on his back and his partner slid down onto his throbbing member. They could clearly see what we were up to as they went faster pushing hard against each other’s naked bodies. It wasn’t long with the show going off in front of us, Emma rubbing herself and me sliding in and out of her before we both came. Not long after we heard the couple moaning and saw them bucking to their own orgasms. Both of us and couple opposite laid back down before falling asleep under the bright warm sunshine. We woke a little later to notice the other couple had gone. We looked at each other and in unison said naturist beach next week?

NSFW: yes

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