( 37F ) a man wanted me to abuse his wife in front of him – Short Sex Story

Being a bi girl lets me enjoy a lot more varieties of sexual adventures. and with the Dominant nature finding couples who likes to play is at all times a treat, and when a guy asked me to abuse his wife in front of him ( with her knowledge and approval ) i jumped at the opportunity really quickly. they were both in their mid 40’s and the wife had a typical create but busty.

we agreed that she would be tied to the bed ( my favorite ) and that i would do nasty things to her, and she said she did not want me to fuck her husband, just her, after we tied her up, her husband was already naked, to told me that he wanted to fuck me, and that his wife is tied up she wont be able to do anything about it, the idea intrigued me, and maybe deep in my mind i wondered she was in on it, i mean she probably was. i said what the hell, but had other plans.

she did not look impressed from the conversation, but i didnt care, her husband was already rock hard, i told him to come and kneel in front of his wife’s face, so his dick is right about her face, i looked at here and started to suck his dick, i have no gag reflex so i started to deep throat him right ontop of her, so she gets the best view, i droll a lot when i get face fucked, so i made sure all of my spit was dripping on her face and in her mouth.

after a while i told her husband to sit on her mouth shoving his asshole on her mouth while i suck him off, he did not seem to mind the idea and she seemed to be ok with it too. it did not take him long to shoot a big load in my mouth, it was thick and creamy just the way i like it, i told him to get off her, i opened her mouth with my hand and spit the cum directly in her mouth, she tried to spit some of it out but i started kissing her, shoving the cum deeper in her mouth with my tongue, she swallowed some of it and so did i. i looked her in the face and spat on it just so she knows who is in charge,

the rest will be in another story.

NSFW: yes

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