5 Day of Christmas: My Golden Ring. [m/f40s] [anal][married couple]

“Wow, you look amazing,” Jasper gasps. Spinning around, I give him a better look of the little red dress I’m now wearing.

“Thanks.” Although he thinks I look amazing in whatever grotty old clothes I wear I still can not help blushing. I never grow tired of his compliments. “I love my present.”

We had said we weren’t going big on gifts for each other this year, and we would just keep things simple, but when I complained I had nothing to wear for our big pre-Christmas party for our friends, Jasper had said I could open one present early. It was the red dress I had been eyeing up for a while now. It was over our agreed upon budget, but he had bought me the right size and it fit perfectly, so I only too gladly accepted it. In fact the gift had inspired me to give him an early Christmas present of my own.

Jasper wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me in closer. Kissing me on the lips. He’s freshly shaven for the party and his skin feels soft and smooth against mine. The smell of his cologne, the one I bought him last Christmas, lingers in the air between us. I kiss him briefly back before pulling away.

“Hey where do you think you’re going?” he asks tugging at my arm.

“We need to finish putting the decorations up. Guests will be here soon.”

“So?” I try give him a disapproving look as I pick up a length of gold tinsel, but I can not hide the smile forming on my lips.

“If you’re a good boy, and on your best behaviour, I may have gift you later on. In the meantime hold the ladder for me.”

“Yes ma’am,” Jasper complies holding the stepladder I was using earlier to hang up the decorations. Although my back is to him, I can feel his eyes watching me as I climb. Suggestively I sway my hips as I go. I feel his warm breath brush against the back of my legs as his breath begins to quicken. I just need him to look up.

And of course he does. In his primal state he forgets all about my safety letting go of the chair to run his hands up the back of my thighs. I feel my arousal pooling between my legs as his hands slide up over my buttocks. Anticipating what he’ll discover there.

Cupping both hands around my cheeks, he slides his thumbs beneath the red lace of my underwear. I thrust my hips back towards him so his fingers brush against my wet pussy lips. He then brings them up along the curve of my crack towards my arsehole. He stops when his fingers hit against something unexpected. I know he’s found it as I feel it nudge even deeper into me – causing me to moan in unexpected pleasure.

“Surprise,” I gasp turning to look down at him over my shoulder as he pulls down my panties for a better look.

“You mean…” he stands staring transfixed by the little gold knob poking out between my cheeks.

“I do,” I say giving my bum a little shake.

Of course he knows what it means. We’ve talked about it, and we’ve done finger stuff but I wanted to save full penetration for a special occasion. Christmas seemed as special occasion as any, and I had brought the butt plug especially. After I had finished getting ready for tonight I had lubed it up and slid it in. It had felt cold and uncomfortable but in an exciting way as it slowly, discretely stretched me out, and I know for sure now that I’m ready. The wondered of Jasper sliding it out of me and forcing his big, hard dick inside my hole instead turns me on more than I realised it ever would.

“And you were planning to wear this the whole party?” he asks giving the plug a sharp twist.

“Yes,” I wince. “If you don’t object.”

“You dirty little slut,” he says. I can hear the affection in his voice.

Without warning, still twisting the toy around inside me, Jasper leans across and bites me on the arse cheek. I let out a cry, and arch my back, pushing my bum against his face, as I feel his teeth dig into my soft, plump flesh. He then begins to slide the plug, not all the way, back and forth inside my tight little hole. I had planned this as an after party party, and I knew he would be willing, but I wondered I would be strong enough to withstand his advances and tell him to wait. But I want it, and I want it now. He slowly starts to kiss his way down towards my soaking pussy.

“Jasper, I want-”


I’m interrupted by the sound of the doorbell, bringing me back into the room. Jasper withdraws his mouth, and slides the plug back to its original spot. I look down at him and then to the door, then back to him and to door again. Torn. A part of me contemplates making whoever it is wait while we finish, I don’t know how I’ll make it through the party with this itch now left unscratched. But on the other hand if whoever’s outside got impatient enough all they would have to do is peer through the window, the fake snow only provides so much privacy, and they’d see Jasper butt fucking me. But he’s already pulling back up my underwear, and straightening my dress back down.

“Be a good little slut, and go answer the door now,” he smirks giving my bum one final squeeze. He’s right I should go.


The party is in full swing, and things seem to be going well. Everyone’s mingling and appropriately buzzed. Including me, and even if no one else knows I am still very much aware of the plug still nestled inside me. Every now and then, Jasper brushes up against me, his hands lingering longer than necessary on my bum, his fingers dangerously close to my hole. He’s teasing me but I like it. I’m at the drinks table when I notice that we are out of ice, but I know we should have more in the garage.


It’s dazzling bright when I flick on the light. Behind me I can hear the beat of the music and the sound of raucous laughter. Leaving the door partially open I make my way across the smooth stone floor to the chest freezer and open it. Inside all I can see is assorted bags of frozen vegetables, and chicken nuggets. Why didn’t I leave the ice on top?

As I bend over I feel my dress rising up against the back of my legs. But I can not see the ice and have to lean further forwards for a better rummage. The hem of my skirt now brushes past my cheeks. As I feel the fabric of my knickers pushing against my plug, nudging it delightfully deeper, I’m well aware I am in a compromised position and anyone could walk in at any moment. I should have sent Jasper instead to get the ice.

The door clicks close behind me, muffling the music. Frantically I scramble to stand up straight.

“We’re out of ice,” I hear Jasper’s voice behind me. Letting out a sigh, I look over my shoulder and I’m relieved to see he’s alone.

“I know,” I say turning back to the freezer. “But I can’t find any. I thought…” My voice trails off as I feel Jasper’s hands slide around my hip.

“Let’s have a look,” he whispers in my ear leaving goose pimples on the nape of my neck.

He leans over, pushing me forwards as he peers over my shoulder. I feel his body pressing against my behind, pushing the butt plug ever deeper inside me. I involuntarily let out a moan, but withstand the urge to grind myself against him. Now is not a good time. We’ve got guests and anyone of them could walk in. His cock twitches, straining to get to me through our layers of clothes.

“No I can’t see any,” he murmurs, gently pushing away my hair and kissing me along my neck. Although he shaved early today I can already feel his stubble beginning to grow through. My knees feel weak at his touch, and I have to grip the edge of the freezer for support. I can feel his erection growing. Pushing against my plug it sets my delicate nerve endings tingling, willing and ready to receive him.

“We can’t,” I whimper. “Someone might see us.”

“What you don’t want people to see what little slut you can be,” he asks between kisses.

“That’s our little secret,” I groan as he slides his hands across my stomach. Still kissing my neck. “Only for you. No one else.” Of course he knows that, just like I know he doesn’t really want people to see us, he just likes to tease. And he knows it drives me wild.

He cups his hands around my breasts and begins fondling them. The icy cold of the freezer has hardened my nipples so that they poke through the thin, lacy material of my bra. They feel sore and tender as he runs his fingers over them.

“Wait, so you’re saying you’d let me do whatever I want? Even fuck you in the arse right here, right now, just as long as no one sees.”

“U huh.” I nod. Giving into my urges I start to grind body against his bulging crotch.

“That can be arranged. Don’t move.” Jasper releases my tits and steps away. Remaining in my bent over position, I slam the freezer shut and watch over my shoulder as he jams an old chair under the door handle.

“That should do it,” he mutters to himself. I should probably get him to double check but I don’t want to waste any more time. I beckon him to me.

“Take out your cock,” I whisper to him, aware that someone might be standing the other side of the door. “I want to see how eager it is to fuck me in my arsehole.”

Obediently he unzips his jeans and pulls them down round his knees along with boxers. His cock is already fully erect, and a bead of precum glistens at the tip of his shaft. I bite down on my bottom lip. It’s a lot bigger than my little plug, of course I knew that, but I wonder now if I’ll be able to take it in back there – I don’t see how something so big could fit in something so small. But as I look into his brown eyes, hungry with desire, I see the all too familiar love and tenderness he has for me, and I know despite all his talk he’ll be careful. Pulling my dress up round my waist I giving him a better view.

“Are you going to put that big strong cock of yours into my tight little arse hole?” I sigh as he walks towards me slowly stroking the entire length of his shaft.

“I am,” he says placing a hand on my waist, “but first I’m going to tease you.”

“We need to hurry,” I insist. “The guests…” but my protests are half hearted at best. His hand slides down my front. Beneath the red lace of my underwear, and down between my legs. There’s slight squelching, sucking noise as he slides his fingers deep into my pussy.

“You’re so wet down there,” he breathes. “You’re not worried about the guests at all. You like to act all prim and proper, but I know you better than that. My little slut.”

As he says the word slut he slaps me hard on the cheek that he had been bitten earlier. It’s loud. Maybe even loud enough for someone to hear over the music if they’re standing in the kitchen. But I don’t care. He’s right – he knows me too well, and he knows just how to get me going. Biting back a moan I gyrate against his hand, enjoying the feeling of his fingers pumping inside my pussy as his cock pushes against my plug forcing it deeper and deeper inside.

He then removes his hand from my cheek and begins pulling down my panties revealing the the little gold handle nestled between my round, jiggling cheeks. He tugs it causing me to moan out loud.

“Quiet,” he hisses. “I didn’t think you wanted everyone to hear.” I try bite down on my lip, but it just feels too good as he thrusts the toy in and out of my hole.

“I can’t,” I gasp.

“Fine then I’ll just have to make you. Look at me.” Still bent over I turn my head to look at him. His face is flushed as he looks at me with a gleam in his eyes. Then in one swift motion he pulls the toy out from my inside my butt hole. I gasp. “Good keep your mouth open.”

Before I realise what is happening he reaches over and runs the tip of the plug over my lips. It tastes metallic with the slight hit on unflavoured lube. I lick my tongue over it as he slides it into my mouth.

“Better,” he mutters as he turns his attention back down my body.

I keep my head turned, watching Jasper delicately running a finger round the edges of my ring, before slipping it in. I feel my arse hole tighten around his finger, as my moans are muffled by the butt plug in my mouth. It feels different having his finger in there instead of the toy – more intermit and personal as he loving caresses my insides. He then inserts another. My grip tightens round the edge of the freezer while he pumps his fingers simultaneously in both my holes. The wet sucking noise grows louder, and I can feel my arousal dripping onto his hand. I watch as he removes his fingers from my pussy and runs his hand up along the length of his hard, throbbing cock. Using my juices as lubrication.

“Ready?” he asks.

I nod and push myself up against his cock, so that it spreads my cheeks aside. Grabbing hold of my hips he lets out a moan as he slowly slides his tip inside my tight, virgin butt hole. I dig my fingernails into the palm of my hands as my toes curl. It’s painful – he’s bigger and thicker than the plug. But it also feels good, almost euphoric, as I feel my nerve endings screaming as he stretches my ring out and slowly fills me up. Tears start to prick in the corner of my eyes.

Perhaps sensing I’m about to reach my limit, or maybe unable to handle much more himself, he slides back out. Not completely leaving the warm tightness of my hole, but giving me brief moment of relief as I feel his engorged head twitching inside my entrance.

Fuck it’s so tight,” he gasps. “I don’t think I’ll last much longer.” He thrusts back inside me, as finds a slow steady rhythm that we both can handle. His hand, the one that had been inside my pussy before, slides across my stomach and down to my clit which he begins to caress. After several thrusts he cries, “I’m going to cum.”

It’s enough for me as I’m near. Grinding my arse along his dick, I feel it swelling and filling as it pulsates against my narrow walls. Everything is so much more sensitive in the back. He shudders, and letting out a loud guttural moan he loses all control as he thrusts deep inside me. Stretching me even further, he fills me with what feels like a tsunami of cum into my unforgivingly tight hole. It stings, and tears stream down my cheeks, but I’m already climaxing.


If anyone has been following me, they have noticed I have skipped a couple of days. That is because I’ve had a lot on my plate recently, and this is one that I was able to quickly write up. But I’ve got stories planned and do intend to go back to them.

NSFW: yes

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