[F] Thanksgiving = CFNM with two loads

Yesterday all of our friends and immediate family had thanksgiving at a friend’s house. The kids played outside, we drank, played some drinking games (fuck the dealer is my favorite), danced, joked and just had a wonderful time. My boyfriend/FWB ended up having such a great time he got too drunk to drive. He asked if anyone could drive him home and my hubby actually nominated me to drive him home with a grin on his face. I was like what you tryna do here mister lol. No one knows our dynamic so it seemed pretty par for the course to everyone else. But I agreed, so hubby would drive our kid home in our car and I drove our BF/FWB home in his car. We were laughing and joking and playing music in his car while I drove him home. Drive was about 45 minutes so we had a decent amount of time. I started feeling frisky and rubbing his leg getting closer to his crotch, but then I look over and this mf is sleeping! I understood he was tired but I kinda got in my feelings about it haha. We get to his house and I help him inside, he’s half asleep and half awake sort of dazed with a nice hard on. He starts kissing me on my neck as we get through the door and grabbing on my ass and starts pulling at my clothes and I’m instantly turned on. But I decide, I want to have some fun first. I pull him off me and tell him to undress now. He gets undressed and I make him sit on the couch with his dick at full attention. He starts stroking himself with one hand and tries to grab me with the other. I say no, I want to watch you play with it. So he leans back and starts stroking himself looking longingly at me standing over him. I slip one of my hands into my pants and the other under my bra as I watch him play with himself, as he watches me play with myself under my clothes. I get on my knees in between his legs and begin rubbing his thighs, then I wet some of my fingers using my spit and begin rubbing his balls as he masturbates. He really likes that. I wet my other fingers and begin rubbing his tip while rubbing his balls as he strokes himself, he REALLY likes that. He’s moaning and grunting and I’m enjoying every minute. I replace my fingers with my mouth and begin gingerly licking and sucking on the tip of his cock. He take his hand away, thinking he can stop stroking. I stop, grab his hand, put it back on his dick and said “you stop when I say is stop” his response? “Yes ma’am”. So I go back to sucking his tip and playing with his balls as he strokes for a little bit. But I begin getting his dick deeper and deeper into my mouth. Until I push away his hand and begin sucking, stroking and playing with his balls in a spit drenched mess. My lipstick is long gone by now and some spit is starting to get on my silk shirt. I’m loving it. I begin stroking him with both hands and can tell when I’m hitting the sweet spot because he moans or breaths sharply every-time I do. I’m wet af and I wanted him inside me badly, but I was having so much fun watching him squirm and enjoy himself. So I kept going, hocking globs of spit onto his dick as I stroked him with both hands. He stands up and grab my head as he starts to cum, but I decide to grab his ass and pull him into me closer to cum deeper down my throat. He’s cumming so hard he’s almost yelling as he grunts and twitches, I don’t break eye contact with him the whole time. I swallow his enormous load and he falls backwards onto the couch (not a single drop of cum on my clothes because I’m a bad bitch and bad bitches aren’t wasteful or messy). I lift my foot up (I’m wearing black leather boots) and place it on his thigh, look at him, say “you’re welcome”, smile, turn around and walk out. Drove home feeling like a bad bitch. Walked in, ran upstairs, kissed hubby, forced him down on the bed, rode him while playing with his nipples and told him what happened. Came all over him while thinking about my BF cumming in my mouth while hubby cums in my pussy. Fell asleep on top of hubby with his load in my coochie like a good girl.

Woke up this morning with a message from the boyfriend saying he woke up on his couch in the same position I left him in lol. A memorable thanksgiving indeed

P.S. I still have to return the boyfriend his car today so when’ll see what sort of trouble we get into on Black Friday

NSFW: yes

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  1. thatbowtieboi19

    Lol great thanksgiving story good way to end it for sure 😂 but I want to see what this outfit was sounds sexy “silky shirt leather boots “ 🤔👀

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