44 years old mother from India sharing her experience

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Hello everyone. I am 44 years old mother of three kids and I live with my husband and kids in Mumbai. I have at all times been a kinky and nympho girl and have had many affairs before and after marriage. I discover incest quite arousing and hence have many sexual relations in my family.

This post will cover my experience with my cousin brother. He is around 5 years younger than me.

I once had to visit my mother’s house in village as someone in the family died. It was decided that my cousin will drop me off at my house. We were supposed to go to his sister’s house in nearby town and from there leave for my city.

We boarded the bus early in morning and he dozed off over my shoulder. It all went ordinary and we reached at his sister’s before noon. We were gonna spend the night there and leave in the morning. Both of us were gonna sleep in my niece’s room, me and her on the bed and my cousin on the mattress on floor. I took a shower at night and wore a night gown and went to my cousin sister’s room for gossiping. We talked till late night and I came back to the room. It was dark and I went to take a leak before sleeping. I opened the door of the bathroom and saw my cousin standing there while he was sniffing my bra. It took him few seconds to realize opening of the door and I was shocked too during that period. He got startled as soon as he saw me and tried to speak something but his face was red with fear and embarrassment. I quickly stepped in and closed to door so that my niece does not wake up. I asked him in a serious tone what he was doing and he was just trying to say something while holding my bra still in the hand. In all the shock and embarrassment, he must have forgotten he had a big boner bulging his pajamas. I noticed that and he realized that too and covered himself.

I took a deep breath and took a step towards him and put my hand over his shoulder. I told him it’s alright and he does not need to get worried. He apologized and told me since his wife is 8 months pregnant, he has not been able to have sex for some time and thus he lost control seeing my bra. I took the bra from his hand and just asked him to forget about it.

I left the bathroom and went to bed beside my niece and he too came out to sleep after some time. I could not sleep and at around 2 am, I couldn’t hold anymore and got up. I lied beside my cousin on floor and hugged him from behind. He was not asleep either and looked back. I shushed him and hugged him tightly, pressing my breasts into his back. I slid my hand into his lowers and found his member to be rock hard already. He turned around and kissed me suddenly and I kissed him back. He started squeezing my breast while I was stroking his cock. He lifted my gown to my knees and started fingering my pussy and in no time, he was licking my cunt. I was trying to not moan as my niece was still sleeping in the room. Then he sat beside my head and I understood his wish and started sucking his cock. It was a hairy, long cock although, not so thick. He started twitching and I realized he is gonna cum. I pulled it out of my mouth and stroked it twice and he shot a load of warm cum over my face and hand. Before it was completely soft, his cock started rising again and he made me lay on my back and tried to fuck me in missionary. I stopped him and whispered that I can’t have sex with him without protection. (I did not want to risk having sex and waking my niece as I was already infertile due to some complications long time ago.)

He begged but I just denied him straight away. Then I made him lie on his back and laid over him, my breasts pressing against his chest, and our thighs rubbing against each other’s.

I adjusted his dick between my thighs and he started rubbing his cock over my pussy. I kissed him hard whole time and squeezed his penis with my thighs too entire time. Soon, he came over me and I just took my gown and went back to bed.

Next day, we reached our house and there, when we were alone in daytime, we had sex. I will cover that part in next post.

Please tell me if you liked it or not and should I continue writing or not.

HMU if you want to talk about anything and DO READ BIO 

NSFW: yes


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