[36F] Teaching a man to be dominant

I dated a dude who claimed to be “very experienced” in bed. TBF, he had fucked A LOT more people than I had, but this is a very good example of why quality matters.

I had just come off of this spree of dating like four people who were batshit crazy in bed, including a dude who was obsessed with dominating me. I had at all times been naturally submissive during sex, but he sort of opened my eyes to how much I loved being degraded.

Anyway, I do casually mention my preferences to Inexperienced Dude and he’s like, “Oh, that’s super hot! I love it.” I assumed we were on the same page. However, there were a few red flags. For example, he once asked if I would ever swallow. I was like, “Bro, I’ve had cum literally all over my body. My mouth is like the least kinky place I’ve taken it” [Yes, I do have a story about that]. He also once asked what a guy would have to do to get me to do anal. I was like, “Ask for it?”

So the first time we had sex was super vanilla, but that’s natural. You don’t want to pull out all your freaky stops right out of the gate. One does not begin a sexual relationship by begging to be spanked and gagged. Anyway, it was good, solid sex. I came, he came, a fun time was had all around.

Next time we’re in bed he asks me if I watch porn. At the time I did and he suggested I put something on. I searched a while when he was in the next room and found a video I considered mild…

When he gets back we begin fooling around with it in the background and he suddenly stops and looks at me like I’ve lost my mind. “I don’t know if I can fuck to this,” he says as he leans over and snaps his laptop shut. This is how I learned I watch weird porn.

Despite this setback, this doesn’t stop us. We’re going at it and I think it’s going great until I ask him if he wants to spank me. He just sort of looks shocked and says, “Um yeah, ok.”

It becomes very obvious, very quickly this dude has never spanked anyone. He turns bright red and barely touches me. That’s cool. It’s not for everyone.

He starts fingering me and asks me how it feels. I respond, “It feels so good I think you should punish me for enjoying it too much.” He just sort of nods and keeps going. Then, he asks me what I want so I am a little too honest and say, “I want you to bend me over and call me a whore.” I am unaware he finds this concerning. He says “Wow, you say really dirty things.” Naturally, I ask if he wants to gag my dirty mouth.

That is when he finally leans back and expresses that he’s having some issues. He has never been with anyone who enjoys being degraded like that. Even after I explain that I genuinely discover it hot, he says he’s not sure he’ll be able to do it. That is absolutely fine with me. I’m not in the company of pushing people into uncomfortable sexual situations so we continue to have pretty ordinary sex. He came on my face once and commented on how kinky it was.


Anyway, one day we are hanging out and he randomly discovered my drawer of sex toys. I have been into weird stuff so he had A LOT of questions. He keeps asking me stories behind each one and after a little coaxing, I begin expanding on a few of my past sexual experiences. He officially gets interested and asks if I could show him.

I try to go over some of the basics (hair pulling, choking, wax, and, of course, the sanctity of safewords). We try it, but he just can’t bring himself to keep going. He’s terrified of hurting me.

I had never dominated anyone before, but I finally suggest I do it to him so he can see it’s not as sadistic as he’s making it out. He agrees.

So… we establish a safeword (and hand signal- that’s very essential), go over some basics, and bring out my bondage. If yall have not tried the “under the bed” bondage, I would highly recommend. It’s a very easy set-up. I tell him to lie on the bed, tie up his arms and legs, and leave him there for a while as I go into the bathroom.

I definitely take my time as I pull out lingerie, apply lipstick, and run a brush through my hair. When I come back, he looks curious but also terrified. I’m pretty sure this dude thinks I’m about to murder him.

If I’m being honest, I’m a little intimidated in this scenario because I’ve never really been on the other end of this. I think back to what I liked about being dominated and try to channel my inner crazy ex.

So I begin by straddling him and very, very slowly put my mouth to his ear and whisper how much I want his dick. I put my hand between his legs and feel he’s immediately hard, which is encouraging. I slowly nibble his ear and kiss around his neck, taking enough time to lick, nibble, and blow on every inch.

Then, I move my mouth to his hand, which is still tied up, and take his fingers in my mouth. I suck on each one very, very slowly and let them slide down the back of my throat. And holy fuck, he’s loving it. He’s begging me to go faster, begging me to suck his dick, and begging me to fuck him.

I respond by taking my underwear off. His face lights up until I tell him to open his mouth and stick them in (I’ve had a couple of people do this to me and it is insanely hot). I tell him he’s not in charge and I’ll go as slow as I want.

I unbutton his shirt slowly and put my lips to his body as I kiss down his chest. When I get to his belly button he’s freaking out. I watch his hands to see if he signals for me to stop, but then he nods for me to keep going. So… I continue to torture him.

When I finally take off my bra, this dude is a fucking mess. I can hear muffled pleas for me to fuck him but I just smile and shake my head as I literally begin licking his body all the way back up to his neck. I let my breasts dangle in his face for a bit, which sends him into a new fit, but he still doesn’t use our safe signal.

By the time I unbuckle his belt and throw it to the side, his entire body is convulsing. I pull his pants down and just stare at him for a while. When he breaks eye contact I grab his face and tell him he’s gonna look at me while I do this. He responds by nodding.

I take my underwear out of his mouth because I want to hear him say it. Immediately when I throw my panties to the side, he’s begging me again.

“What do you want?” I ask innocently.

“Please just do it.”

“Do what? I don’t understand.” I say this literally as I’m licking his balls.

“Please just put it in your mouth.”

I sit back and watch him for a while. “What’s in it for me?”

He’s in shock. Oh goodness, I remember being a baby sub. Pleading is an art that takes time. Finally, he says, “I’ll eat you out.”

I lick his dick once, a long stroke but I don’t put it in my mouth. “What else?”

“I’ll fuck you?”

I shrug as I move my fingers up and down his chest.

“Fuck! Ok! I’ll bend you over that desk and call you a whore!”

So I take him in my mouth and go fucking deep. I bury my head so deep into him he gasps and says something about how it’s never felt so good.

He lasts two seconds. Literally. It was the shortest blowjob of my life.

When I untie him I’m sort of expecting the magic to end. However, he immediately flips me over and pins me to the mattress. He says I’m gonna pay for making him wait, pulls my hair, and drags me to my desk where he bends me over.

I climaxed just as he’s calling me a whore.

NSFW: yes


  1. Amagedon13

    Maaan, I would have had a lot of fun with you 🤣 asking if you like cum 🤣 you can ask when she is annoyed after you flooded her face with it

  2. scottj9120

    Fuuck that’s so hot !! I would’ve had so much fun with you! Fuck yes. I love when a girls submissive & kinky just like that & can take it. 😈🔥🔥

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