[33F] Was Fucked by My Ex and His Friends in the Back of his Van

>I’ll be in town this weekend. Wanna meet up?

Was the text I received from an ex I had barely kept in touch with. It had been almost ten years since we ended things. But the weather was relatively nice out and I had no other plans.

We met at a no-frills bar that we used to go to when we were a thing. Cory, my ex, greeted me with a hug and complimented on how I barely changed since he last saw me. He mentioned that he had missed my very long blonde hair. I laughed and said he definitely was not the same as back then. He wasn’t, as he had definitely put on a bit of weight and was more round than he used to be. But still, he had those deep blue eyes and a smile that was just so genuine. He introduced me to some of his other friends who were there to see him too. We talked about things that happened since we were last together and reminisced about those days a bit. He talked about how he got divorced two years ago, but no kids. Cory mentioned how he still had the old van from back then. It was an ugly cargo van he drove when we dated. I remembered that we used to have sex in the back quite often too.

After several drinks and who knows how much bar food, we left the bar with a pair of his friends who were still around. Cory took us to the lot in which he parked the old van. She looked just as she did back then, but surprisingly even cleaner and maybe even in better shape. I felt myself blush as Cory began talking to his two buddies about how we used to fuck in the back of it. They all started talking about how cute I was for blushing. My head began to spin from the mix of embarrassment and horniness.

It didn’t take long before we were all in the back of the van together. The light was on, but was dim. The floor of the cargo area of the van had this large square of carpet that was at least clean. I had stripped down in front of them, leaving only my black leather biker-style jacket on. Cory had put on some slow lofi songs mix and I was swaying my body to it, feeling their hungry eyes follow the movements of my body. They were talking to each other about what they wanted to do with me as they began to undress.

I was on my knees and they were all sitting in a circle close around me. I felt their hands begin to touch me all over. I then got down on all fours and found myself facing one of the friends’ hardened cocks. I stuck out my tongue and moved in to begin licking the meat rod up and down its length. The group started calling me a “beautiful slut,” but that was fine. I inserted his cock into my mouth and began to suck him off. As I was doing this, I felt a pair of hands grab my hips from behind. I then heard Cory’s voice say “I’ve missed your ass so much.” I let out a moan muffled by a mouth full of meat as I felt him shove his cock into my pussy. He didn’t hesitate at all, as I felt his length push deep into me. Cory began thrusting back and forth inside me and I continued to blow his friend. This continued for a bit until Cory let out his load inside me and pulled out. His friend in my mouth then said he wanted to finish in my pussy too.

I was asked to lay down on my back and his friend got on top of me missionary style. Cory and the other friend cheered this guy on as he began to fuck me. Though it didn’t last long, as my mouth was already covered in his precum. He dumped his load inside me and then pulled out.

After a short break, I sat back up and asked if the remaining friend wanted to fuck me too. He told me to get on top of him as he laid down. He could barely contain himself as I slid myself down his length. It felt really good to ride this one, as he was definitely thicker than the other two cocks before. Rode him really good until he let his cum out inside me too.

Afterwards, I was on my back with my legs spread as the three continued to call me a slut as they watched the cum drip from my slit. For the remainder of the night, they had me suck them off one by one, over and over, taking turns until I eventually got too exhausted and went to sleep with who knows how many loads swallowed.


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NSFW: yes

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