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In our previous part, Superman returned from being away for weeks, feeling very very horny and willing to fuck his prostitute boy friend Jimmy Olsen. But Jimmy chose instead to obey his pimp and went off to suck and fuck with several big brawny men for some respectable $$$$. For the first time, Superman spied on Jimmy and watched as he seemed to love the entire fuck orgy, including taking two cocks up his boipussy at the same time! Angered and jealous, Superman spent several hours horned up with Jimmy’s two rent boy roommates, including sucking his first dick. Of course, Jimmy walked in just as everyone squirted!

Now our favourite superhero looks for love in all the wrong places…..

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Superman’s Boyfriend, Jimmy Olsen

From Rent Boy to Cub Reporter

by Mistress Tawny Suede

Chapter Eleven – Lost

Superman was sad and depressed. If he did not have Jimmy to spend time with, he just wanted to be alone. His work suffered. In the evenings he often sat alone in his dark apartment rather than going out on patrol. The crime rate in Metropolis soared.

It took about three weeks for him to work his way out of his funk and for life to get back to a semblance of ordinary.

However, his sexual needs needed satisfying. Before he had met the freckled rent boy, Superman had been satisfied with having sex only occasionally. But after having sex several times a week with Jimmy he now craved sexual release with another person. With Jimmy gone, life would be so much simpler if he was just interested in women. But he had to admit that he was now bisexual if not out right gay. He knew he should prefer the soft curves of a woman. But when he looked at people now, he found his eyes more often drawn to and pleased by the face of a cute young man and a slim masculine body.

His time with Jimmy had changed his tastes, his preferences. His sensibilities had been altered. And while his life would be simpler with a female partner, he had been ready to accept Jimmy fully into his life, until he had stupidly thrown that away in a fit of jealousy and outrage. Would he want to discover another male partner?

Lois Lane was still chasing after Superman, even going so far as to throw herself out of an office window, knowing that Superman would rescue her before she hit the pavement. Superman did not want the responsibility of her safety weighing upon him and admonished her frequently. This just made her proclaim her love for him more strongly. Yet, she barely noticed Clark Kent.

Clark set out to change that and after repeatedly asking her out for two months, Lois finally gave in, and found she had a pleasant time dating her fellow reporter. After three dates, they began to kiss and become more intimate. After the fourth date, she gave him a blow job and after the fifth date he took her back to his apartment and fucked her. Lois was very enthusiastic in bed, and vocal. She was very experienced at sucking his cock and she swallowed his cum. When he fucked her, she moaned and had a foul mouth as he pistoned into her pussy. She screamed when she came, beating her hands on his chest!

When she blew him she remarked on the bumps around the rim of his glans, so he knew he would never be able to fuck her as Superman without revealing his secret identity to her. And that was fine because… he felt nothing for her. The sex was wonderful, but it was not satisfying.

Not like the sex with Jimmy had been.

Clark took Lois out one more time. This time they ended up back at her place and when he tentatively suggested it, Lois let him fuck her in the ass. As his cock pushed past her anal pucker, it slid in smoothly so it was obvious this was not her first time. He was kneeling behind her and was able to sink his full length deep in her back passage. Her ass was definitely tighter than her cunt.

He turned her over and finished when her legs were on his shoulders and his cock was pound pound pounding in her ass. She shrieked and came at the same time, since she had been jilling her clit with her fingers while he rammed her ass!

After that… well, Lois hinted a few times that he should take her out again, but frankly, Clark was disappointed with the relationship and did not ask her again. After two weeks of hinting, Lois threw a fit, accusing him of only being interested her until he got into her ass and then losing interest. Clark denied it, but in fact, that was exactly what had happened!

Clark tried dating other women similar to his own age, but in general found them uninteresting and did not take any of them to bed.

Then he began frequenting both straight and gay clubs, looking for much younger people; someone similar in age to Jimmy. Perhaps the attraction had been to their youth.

When he went to regular clubs, the younger girls most often travelled in pairs or larger groups. But when he would approach one to dance, and then to talk, some were too shy, but most were willing to have a handsome man pay attention to them. The girls would be energetic on the dance floor, but it was not like dancing in a gay club. These younger girls seldom responded to light touches on their elbows. Few wanted to slow dance. When he would try to talk to them afterwards he found that, though the age difference was just ten years or so, there was little in common to talk about. Most of these young women had very little life experience to talk about.

He went out to bars looking for younger women three times over a few month period. But he found no one who could hold his interest and found that he had no desire to fuck any of them.

The gay clubs on the other hand….. Clark avoided the Kennel. He did not want to run into Daryl and he was reluctant to encounter Donnie or Billy. He liked both of the rent boys but talking to them would bring back the sadness he felt about why he had lost Jimmy. He did spot them from time to time when he scanned the Stroll with his telescopic vision, looking to see if Jimmy had returned.

There were several other gay clubs that he could frequent and he would prowl through one every couple of weeks or so, whenever his Superman duties would allow, and when he was feeling particularly horny. Yes he now masturbated a lot, mostly to the memories of his lovemaking with Jimmy, but like everyone, he needed attention from, and the touch of, another person.

Over several months the bartenders at each place got to know him well enough to know which brand of beer he would ask for. There were several older men who he would nod to or have brief conversations with. Clark was recognized as a reporter by several of these men, but no one was gonna out him. These conversations were usually casual comparisons of the numerous boys who came to the bars, discussing which boys were just there with friends, which were looking to hook up with boys their same age, which were looking for slightly older men, and which were on the game and looking for money.

These men were here for the same reason Clark was. To discover a young lad of legal age to take home and fuck!

He found himself enjoying the hunt, trying to discover just the right young man who interested him. For indeed, the older the man the less he found himself interested. Similarly he found himself attracted to shorter men. Red heads, preferably. Men who reminded him of Jimmy. Since he was very handsome himself, he had very little issue in finding young lads who were eager to let him buy them a drink, dance with him, and even let him kiss and snuggle with them.

And fuck them.

Clark was reluctant to take any of the young men back to his apartment. No matter how careful he was, he might leave some clue laying around that would lead someone snooping around to find that he was Superman. So he became daring enough that, if he found a young man who took his fancy, he might take him to a table in the darker areas of a club where they would heavily make out and then he would push the cute lad to the floor and make him suck his cock. Superman loved having his cock sucked and he started to get off on the fact that other people around them knew what was going on.

Sometimes he and his partner would go out to the dark alley behind the club and Clark would push the lad up against the wall and fuck him hard from behind. He loved the feel of a tight boipussy squeezing his ass as he fucked him.

And sometimes, the young man would take Clark back to his own room and they could make slow love to each other, two men wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing and grinding their cocks together. If Clark was feeling particularly horny he might even suck on his partner’s cock. He found he enjoyed the experience and was sad that he had never sucked Jimmy.

On one night, Billy walked into the club where Clark was looking for a fuck mate for the evening. Clark sidled up behind the rent boy and surprised him with a kiss on the back of the neck. Billy turned to see who had accosted him and was delighted to see Clark. After kissing enthusiastically, Billy told Clark that Jimmy had never returned to the apartment. It had been months since he had left. After an hour of dancing, Clark had been happy to take Billy out into the alley and fuck his ass. Clark had all the time found the blond to be likeable, but no, he was not a replacement for Jimmy.

Over several months of looking, Clark never found anyone who he though he could care for as much as he had loved Jimmy.

Although he came close, once….

Next chapter… The Teen Wonder wonders no more

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