25 (F) Fucked neighbor’s husband in her bed


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A couple years back before I moved, the neighbors next door were a couple in their mid 40’s I would say. The husband was very handsome and very fit, especially for a man his age. We were both giving each other very obvious signs that we wanted to fuck until we finally made it happen. He fucked me several times in their house in numerous places, but my favorite was when we fucked in their bed. He was an amazing fuck and all the time made me squirt like a fountain, so I had the idea of spraying his wife’s pillow with my pussy juices. I took the pillow case off and when he made me cum on his cock, I made sure to cover her pillow with my squirt. I let it dry with the fan on and put the case right back over it. It turned me on so much knowing that when she would sleep at night she would have her head on the pillow her husband made me squirt on

NSFW: yes

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  1. fastfood_and_69

    The only thing that would make this more hot is if we used her toys while we did it.

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