(23F) I fucked 2 guys in less thank 2 hours

I had just ended a relationship 2 weeks ago, this was for me the door to freedom since I’ve all the time been a sexually active person. At that time, I hung out with a friend who occasionally had sex with a guy (whom we will call David). I had never seen him while I was with her, she posted pictures on her instagram with me, and David started following me and writing to me.

I told my friend that David caught my attention, but I did not want to have problems with her over a guy. To which she told me it was fine, that if I liked him, I should take the chance and “we could share him.”

One afternoon, David sent me a message asking where I was, turns out we were 10 minutes aside, he asked to meet and I accepted.

That day in the afternoon I was talking with “my best friend” (whom we’ll call José) with whom I had never done anything, but during that week José said things that made me think. That day I really wanted to have sex, so I sent him a message and asked him “José, do you want to fuck me?” He was shocked, his reaction was to laugh and tell me “stop joking,” I asked him again “seriously, do you want to fuck me? Because I want to fuck, so you tell me and we can do it.” He asked me countless times if I was being serious, I swear that before this nothing had ever happened between him and me.

Thus ended my conversation with José, my best friend, we agreed that he would pick me up at 9 pm, one hour after this David sends a message asking to see me.

I didn’t have sexual intentions with David, as a person he was not my type but physically he was everything I loved, so when I first saw him that day I opened up to any possibility. We just went for drinks, at no moment he treated me in a special way. It was 8 pm when we arrived at my front door, when I went to get out of the car he asked for a proper “goodbye,” so I leaned in for a kiss and he pulled me towards him. I started kissing him while I was on top of him in the driver’s seat, I took out a condom from my purse, put it on him and sat down and we started having sex then and there. When he came inside me, I moved to the copilot’s seat very nervously knowing that José would soon be here to pick me up and the least I wanted was for him to see me in that situation.

David insisted that I stay with him that night, had it not been for the agreement with José I would have said yes, but I made up a cheap excuse that my roommate was waiting for me and I had plans, we said our goodbyes.

I ran home and my roommates were there asking who the guy I was seen having sex with in the car, and I told them to wait for an explanation because José was coming to pick me up in 10 min, as we were gonna a hotel. They were shocked “as in José? You just had sex with this guy in the car and you’re going to fuck another one right now?” They couldn’t stop laughing and I felt like a powerful slut, I love sex and I didn’t feel embarrassed but rather proud.

I went to the bathroom, washed my vagina because it smelled like latex and changed my panties, José was already arriving, I didn’t have time to change my entire outfit.

Then he arrived and we went to the hotel and had sex.

I never heard from them again, I saw David once with my friend at a club and we shared a three-way kiss. We asked him to choose and he just replied that he wanted us both.

As for José, I met him a year later when he told me “he confused his feelings” and that’s why he never sought me out again.

NSFW: yes

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