Mature Man & Maiden Maureen Ch. 18 – Erotic Horror

The haunting. A ghostly spirt unnerves the dogs and invades Mark’s thoughts about his deceased fiancée presence as a ghost.

Continued from Chapter 17: Mature Man & Maiden Maureen

We said our good-byes complete with hugs, kisses, and promises to stay in touch. Yet, I knew that once she left that I would never see Gwen, again. She was a honey of a girl. Any man would be lucky to win her heart, as long as he could sexually satisfy her and physically please her with punishing pain.

Whichever lucky guy wins her heart and gets her physically, emotionally, and sexually, certainly, will have his hands full, but boy what a ride. I envied him. If only I was younger, I would have never let her go. A woman that gorgeous, that sexy, that shapely, and that sexually uninhibited is a rare discover. She was truly incredible.

Still, just as it was all a fluke how Maureen had come in and gone out of my life, it was a fluke that I had hot sex with two, 25-year-olds, Maureen, and Colleen. Having come a long way, when I first met Maureen at the dog park, I was happy to walk with her while talking to her. Hoping that I’d see her again, I haunted that dog park in the way that she may be haunting me, now.

Then, even more outrageous than having sex with Maureen was having sex with Colleen. Unbelievably, I still couldn’t wrap my head around having had sex with Maureen’s, 23-year-old, younger sister, Gwen, too. Unfortunately, my only, real memories of Maureen left me and was replaced with my pain and my sorrow. Now the only images that I have of her haunt me. Yet, I still have Missy, her Golden Retriever.

When I’m alone and lonely, as if haunting my brain, Maureen comes to me in my thoughts and I think of her. Sometimes, a feeling that I get, I think that she’s hear watching me. Feeling as if she’s in my bedroom with me, I feel her ghostly presence throughout the house. Unfortunately, thinking of her makes me sad and makes me feel even more alone and lonelier. It’s a vicious cycle of self-pity, self-indulgence, and depression.

No doubt, just as Colleen said, I’m still grieving over her. Probably, I should join a support group. Perhaps, I should seek therapy to help me through the loss of her. Maybe, I should hire a ghost hunter to conduct a paranormal investigation and a spirit examination of my house to see if they feel her, too. Yet, no doubt, with me stubborn in not believing in ghosts, preferring to suffer through it alone, I used the loss of her as an excuse to return to drinking. Even though I should, too old to change, I won’t seek psychological help.

Especially now after meeting Gwen, she filled my mind with the memory of her sister. As if they were identical twins, it was startling how much she looked like Maureen. Meeting Gwen was like seeing Maureen’s ghost. The contrast of Maureen’s bright, blue eyes was shocking against her red, lush, and long, gorgeous hair. With Gwen having the same red hair and the same blue eyes as her sister, for the time that she was with me, it felt as if Maureen was alive again.

# # #

Just when I was beginning to feel better with dealing with the loss not only of Maureen but also, my unborn son, Gwen arrived to bask me in the shadow of her dead sister. I wonder how Maureen would feel about me having sex with her sister. I thought if she knows that I had sex with her sister. And now that Gwen is gone, I am back to missing Maureen. I’m glad that I still have Colleen here to help me through another day, even if it is only temporary.

One day at a time is good advice and what I needed to do to finally get me through the horror of losing Maureen, the love of my life. Nonetheless, it felt good to finally be home alone with Colleen. I felt more connected to Colleen more than I did with Gwen. Although, I knew that I’d never feel the connection with Colleen that I had with Maureen, I still enjoyed Colleen’s business and I liked having her around.

She was fun and she gave life to the house. Unfortunately, nonetheless, it still felt like sex with Colleen and not love. Although there was a massive sexual attraction between us, that is where it began and ended.

I was glad for her visit because I knew that once she left, again, she’d never be back. I’d never see her again. Yet, when she left, she’d be out of my system. I’d have no more second doubts wondering if she and I could have made a go of it. I know now that it was not to be and that she was just a good friend with advantages.

For the next few days, I had trouble concentrating on anything but that surprise telephone call and about the upcoming weekend. Maureen’s mother, Carol, was coming for a visit to meet me. I must have made quite the impression with her for first, Maureen’s sister, Gwen, to drive all that way from Rochester, New York east to where I lived in Boston, Massachusetts. Now, her mother to want to meet me, too. It was a long drive.

In the way that Gwen and Colleen brought Maureen here, I thought if Carol would bring her deceased daughter with her, too. Suddenly, the air is heavy with Maureen’s Heavenly presence and ghostly spirit. No doubt, if I had more to drink, and if I was drunk, I not only could hear her speak but also, perhaps, I could see her. How wonderful would that be to see her if only as an apparition.

# # #

Matured Man & Maiden Maureen: Chapter 18

With Maureen dead and Gwen and Colleen gone, except for the feeling of Maureen haunting me, I’m alone again and lonely with my bad self.

When I wondered about the beauty of Maureen and now Gwen, I wondered about Carol and I couldn’t help but wonder what she looked like. I thought if she really looked like the sexy and shameless photos that Gwen showed me of her mother in her bra and panties, topless, and naked. If she did look anything like those photos, then, she was, indeed, a very gorgeous, sexy, and shapely woman. If she did look anything like her photos, I didn’t know how I could control myself from making a sexual pass at her.

I would have met her at the funeral but Maureen’s Dad made it clear that he didn’t want me there, and I respected his wishes. It was his daughter after all and, even though I was her fiancé, in his eyes, he considered me as just her older lover taking sexual benefit of his young, gorgeous daughter. Still, I would have appreciated a moment to say good-bye to Maureen in private, before they put her in the ground forever.

Nonetheless, I didn’t want to intrude upon the sorrow of their loss of their daughter by rubbing my presence in their faces. I would have liked to pay my last respects. I would have loved to have seen Maureen for the last time to say my goodbye. Thankfully, Gwen gave me the location of her cemetery plot and I planned on making a pilgrimage west to Rochester to visit her grave, one day, soon. Seeing her there, resting in peace, will make me happy.

Maybe, I’ll take the dogs with me. I wonder if the dogs would know that she’s buried there. Maybe, I’ll take a chair with me and sit and talk to her for a while. I know that she’s not there in spirit, but she’s there in body, albeit decomposed body.

I believe a visit will help to ease me through the reality of her loss and make me feel better. She liked wine, white wine, maybe I’ll bring a bottle of wine with me and two glasses and drink with her for the last time. As if she’s still alive, I’d love to talk to her while sipping my wine.

Since Maureen and Gwen looked so much alike, again, I thought if Carol looked like an older version of her daughters. I hoped not. I seriously didn’t want to discover myself in bed with Carol, too, enough is enough. Yet, I was as lonely as I was horny.

Next, I’ll be sleeping with their grandmother, their aunt, and any cousins who show up on my door. After having sex with three, young women, the wondered of having sex with Carol, who was my age, was not an appealing wondered. For her to have sex with me, a married women, she’d have to have issues for her to cheat on her husband in an extramarital affair, especially with me, her daughter’s lover.

Yet, if Carol is a good looking as Colleen said she was, and with me as horny as I’m lonely, I don’t think that I could withstand having sex with her as long as she was eager to have consensual sex with me. I thought what having sex with her would be like when going from daughter to mother. With her from a different generation, I thought if she sucked cock. Many women her age never had a dick in their mouths.

# # #

“Carol called me,” I finally said to Colleen.

I stared at her while watching her reaction to me telling her that she wanted to come for a visit, too.

“Carol? Maureen and Gwen’s mom,” asked Colleen?

She looked at me surprised.

“Yes,” I said.

Then, she nodded her head.

“Truthfully, I figured she would,” she said eyeing me with a knowing look. “Was that her on the phone the other day?”

Feeling guilty that I had kept that phone call from her, I nodded my head.

“Yeah,” I returned her look. “I don’t know why I didn’t tell you then. There was just so much going on with Gwen here and then you surprising me.”

I looked at Colleen while wondering if I should tell her that Carol was coming alone without her husband.

“It’s okay, Mark. I understand. You’re still not thinking straight. You’re still in mourning,” said Colleen. “We all are which, to some degree, would explain this huge impromptu, sexual orgy that we all found ourselves having. In some convoluted way, I know that the only reason Gwen had sex with you was to feel a connection maybe that you shared with her sister.”

Colleen looked like she was gonna cry.

“It hasn’t been that long since Maureen…” she said not finishing her sentence.

I took her in my arms. I kissed and hugged her so that she didn’t have to finish the sentence.

‘So, Maureen was the only reason why Gwen had sex with me,’ I wondered. ‘Interesting.’ I was shocked. ‘I figured she had sex with me because she was a nymphomaniac, masochist whore.’

“So,” I said with a laugh and a feigned hurt look on my face. “You don’t think that Gwen was sexually attracted to me? You think that the only reason why she had sex with me was to feel connected to her sister?” I made a face. “Is that it?”

‘Yet, having no regrets for the sex that I had with Gwen, that’s okay,’ I wondered.

Colleen smiled while nodding her head again.

# # #

“Then, when Carol called me, I was stunned that she wanted to come for a visit, too,” I said. “I couldn’t believe it.”

I paused while wondering if I should continue. Then, not holding anything back from her, I told her. I thought what her reaction would be when I told her.

“She’s coming without her husband,” I said pausing while watching Colleen’s reaction. “She said he’s too ill to make the trip.”

Colleen looked at me oddly and made a face. Then, she rolled her eyes and sighed.

“What? Carol is visiting you alone,” she asked? “You’re kidding. I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t she postpone her visit until her husband was feeling better?”

I shrugged.

“I don’t know,” I said with an uncomfortable laugh. “It makes sense, but then it doesn’t make any sense why Carol would visit me alone and unescorted.” I paused thinking why he wouldn’t want to make the trip. “Maybe, her husband didn’t want to meet me.”

Colleen looked at me with a confused expression.

“An unplanned and unwed pregnancy, may explain why their Dad didn’t want to meet you. You not only had sex with his daughter but also, you impregnated her, too,” said Colleen.

After telling me why Carol’s husband wasn’t coming to meet me, she explained why Gwen had sex with me.

“Gwen had special needs. Premature at birth, she had developmental issues growing up. She had occupational and physical therapy. She stayed behind a year in school. That may explain her bizarre, sexual behavior and why she had sex with you,” said Colleen with a shrug. “I don’t know.”

I nodded my head to show her that I understood.

“I saw that about her. She didn’t get some of my jokes. They went straight over her head,” I said while staring down at the floor as if contemplating my thoughts. “In that regard, she was nothing like her sister. Maureen was as quick witted as me and always volleyed my comments with funny retorts.”

We sat there silently not saying anything for a few minute, until I broke the silence with a question.

“So, why did you figure that Carol would call me?”

I looked at her while waiting for her to respond. Colleen gave me a knowing smile.

“Well, when Maureen and I were there visiting her to tell her that Maureen was pregnant, she was happy for her. She was happy that someone like you had come in her life. It didn’t matter that you were much older than her. She trusted Maureen’s judgment,” she said looking at me with a warm smile. “Moreover, she hated her ex-boyfriend and when Maureen told her that you beat the snot out of him, she was happy.”

Then, she fidgeted with her fingers while rethinking what she was about to say.

“I should warn you about Carol, though, something that I didn’t have the chance to warn you about Gwen,” said Colleen.

# # #

She looked up at me while watching my reaction to what she was about to tell me.

“Warn me? Warn me about what? I don’t understand. Why would you have to warn me about Maureen’s mother,” I asked?

Colleen rolled her eyes and let out a big sigh.

“You know that she’s a nudist, right?”

I laughed and nodded my head.

“I do. Gwen showed me photos of her mother in her bra and panties, topless, and naked. She told me that the three of them regularly went to nude beaches,” I said. “She’s a good-looking woman with a sexy body.”

Colleen gave me a look as if feeling guilty about talking gossip.

“Well, Carol is a bit of a whore. She’s had affairs with younger men, men that were much younger than her,” she said. “Her husband suffers from erectile dysfunction. Unless he can get her off with his fingers and/or with his tongue, he can no longer sexually satisfy his wife. He can no longer cut the mustard but he can still lick the jar,” said Colleen with a dirty laugh.

I looked at her shocked.

“Oh,” I said. “Does her husband know about her sexual affairs?”

She shrugged.

“He knows that she enjoys going to nude beaches with her daughters but I don’t think he knows about her extramarital affairs. Yet, you never know what goes on behind closed, bedroom doors,” she said with another dirty laugh. “Maybe, he received some sexual gratification and/or erotic pleasure in her telling him about the men that she sucked and fucked,” she said with a shrug. “Perhaps, he’s cuckhold. Some men become sexually excited when their wives tell them about the sexual details of erotic encounters.”

# # #

Then, she looked away and back again, this time with a troubled face.

“It mattered to her Dad, though, that his daughter was dating a much older man,” said Colleen. “He was upset, which is why he probably isn’t coming to meet you and why he banned you from attending the funeral. Maybe, he figured you were a pig taking advantage of his daughter, his little girl.”

She looked at me with sadness.

“His feelings towards you are, no doubt, compounded by the fact that he can no longer get an erection. On some level, he may even blame you for his daughter’s death. Had you not made her pregnant, she may have not made the trip to see her parents,” said Colleen.

I nodded my head to show her that I understood.

“I get it. I understand. If it was my daughter seeing someone so much older, I’d think that, too, that he was just taking advantage of her for sex,” I said.

In the way that I’ve been having sex with younger women, I wondered about Carol having extramarital sex with younger men. I wondered about her being a nudists and gonna nude beaches. I wondered about the sexy photos that Gwen showed me of her mother in her bra and panties, topless, and naked.

# # #

“That’s a shame that he can no longer get an erection. Yet, to blame me for her death is wrong.”

Colleen remained silent a long while before speaking, again.

“Carol felt bad about you not being at the funeral. She figured that you deserved to be there being that you were so much a part of her daughter’s life towards the end. She knew that Maureen would have wanted you there, too.”

From what Colleen had just said, I already like Maureen’s mother.

“Still, it hurt not being able to say a final good-bye to Maureen.” I paused looking off in the distance while thinking of Maureen’s laugh. “I know how guys are and how protective parents may assume other guys are,” I said looking at Colleen. “But, I truly loved her.”

Colleen nodded her head to show me that she believed me.

“I know you did,” she reached over and took my hand.

Breaking the tension, I laughed.

“Imagine how upset Maureen’s father would be,” I said looking over at Colleen and laughing. “If he knew what I did with his baby girl while in the shower,” I said with another laugh.

She returned my laugh with her laugh.

“Not as upset as he’d be if he knew we both did Gwen,” said Colleen with another laugh.

# # #

We both laughed while making light of a terrible situation, that being the death of Maureen. Laughing over having sex with Gwen made us feel a little better. We spent the remainder of the day doing nothing.

The most we did was to have our coffee out on the back, screened porch, talk, laugh, and walk out to the backyard and throw a ball around with the dogs. After combating and satisfying Gwen’s sexual needs, I needed a day like this. Only, I wanted to show Colleen a good time, too. I wanted to spend some quality time with her and have some memories of her incase this was the last time that we saw one another.

I wanted to show her that I cared for her. I wanted to be intimate with her before she decided to leave, again, which I figured would be later tonight. She had a job to go to tomorrow. Moreover, much like Gwen, I truly figured that this could be the last time that I saw her and whatever private time we spent together today, may be our last.

It was late afternoon when we decided to take a nap. Actually, we had no intention of napping. We just wanted an excuse to go to bed and fool around, not that we needed an excuse, but it was a subtle way for each of us to get what we wanted from the other without feeling pressured. This way, while we were lying beside one another supposedly napping, if something else was to happen, then it didn’t seem planned, but spontaneous.

Colleen was dressed in her usual attire a half unbuttoned blouse and a short skirt. She loved showing off her big tits and her shapely legs. Besides, feeling her up through her clothes while making out with her was one of my favorite things to do with her or with any woman. Another favorite thing of mine to do was to undress her. I found that slowly removing her clothes as we made out was exceedingly erotic.

Even if I had been with and seen a woman naked a countless number of times, feeling them up through their clothes while making out with them, at all times gave me an erection. Then, slowly undressing a woman before stripping her naked, gave me unbelievable, sexual pleasure. There’s something erotic about unbuttoning a woman’s blouse and seeing her bra before unbuttoning and unzipping her skirt and seeing her panties.

I loved kissing, touching, and feeling a woman when she’s wearing only her revealing, bikini panties and her sexy, low-cut bra. Fooling around with her while she’s in her sexy lingerie is nearly is hot. Then, slowly removing her bra and seeing her naked tits and/or peeling down her panties and seeing her naked pussy and ass has at all times been my sexual fantasy.

As soon as we climbed on the bed, we started fooling around. Obviously, neither of us had any plans on taking a nap. Touching her, feeling her, and kissing her blanked my mind. Where Gwen made me feel old, having sex with Colleen made me feel young.

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