19F Sisters who tease

My sister (19F) and I (19F) are almost a year aside in age. Apparently my parents couldn’t wait to breed right after my sister was born and had me 9 months later. Guess I can say that’s why my sister and I have such high sex drives that we cannot keep our hands and tongues off of each other! My sister and I have been playing together since very early. We’ve all the time done everything together and have the same interests. We have even shared boyfriends.

I am a dancer and have the dancer look, pretty face, physically fit, bubbly personality. I like to seduce guys and pick them up and take them to our apartment where my sister and I would have sex with each other and make the guy watch. Almost all the time, whether they wanted to or not, they jerked off. Just for looking, not for touching.

Now, we are being invited on a trip. A cruise. We would like to repeat our game, pick up a man and take him to our room, have my sister make love to me and let him jerk off.
We love having men look at us and know that they can never have us, it’s never been above us to show some public displays of affection and lure guys into our thirst trap. My sister and I have our best fuck sessions when we know we are being watched by horny men.

NSFW: yes

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  1. ResistFluid1743

    It’s such a pleasure to see the look of thirst in those men’s faces, we are always searching for new victims!

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