19F Punished for not studying


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I (19F) have to study for exams but all I can think about is sex. I keep watching porn and touching myself. I have to be spanked for my behavior.

I have a hot tutor (22M). He will punish me every time I am not studying. He will tell me to take off my pants and panties. I will be humiliated but I will love it. He will bend my bare ass over a table and spank me. He will tell me what a little slut I am to be thinking about sex instead of studying. I will admit that I am a dirty slut.

He will then remove his belt and spank me with it. It will make me so horny. My pussy will be so wet. He will then tell me to spread my legs and spank my pussy. The belt will hit my clit and it would be so painful yet so good. After punishing me, I will thank him.

He will order me to go study. I will sit obediently without wearing anything from waist down. I will be a good girl for him. After finishing studying, he will reward me. I will go lie on the bed with my legs spread, waiting for him. He will fuck me hard. He will tell me that his good girl gets an orgasm and a pussy full of cum as a reward. The next day, I will do it all over again.

NSFW: yes

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