Ww3 will be because of taliban getting nukes not russia/Ukraine conflict : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Since biden withdrew from the middle east and allowed afghanistan to fall to the taliban all terrorists will now flock to the newly armed country with tens of thousands of American tanks helicopters misses etc. With a country soley for terrorist and the middle east being as destable as it is afghanistan/isis will move to capture Iraq and Syria. America under biden will make no moves. With three countries under their control the taliban will move for Iran. Russia being the first country to formally recognize/ openly state their willingness to work with the taliban as the new government will make no moves with China following along allowing isis to not only take Iran but also taking their nuclear inrichment programs and secret nuclear arms. Now with nukes in terrorist hands isis will launch attacks on both isreal and America. Russia and China will follow suit. America having stopped beings worlds aid/police since ww2 will have little allies in the eu and effectively will end America’s standing as global superpower.