travelling thru dimensions – Short Horror Story

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Take this as you will but I believe in astral projection and lucid dreams. This is one I had recently I'm sorry for the spottyness of the story it was a dream so I don't remember everything.

So I was having this "dream" the other night and kept waking up because it was so realistic but I didn't wanna leave so I would instantly fall back asleep.. Every time I went back I started out in "my apartment" I didn't recognize the area at all but I knew it was mine and i had a girlfriend in this place and would be so happy and calm.

Then I would get transported to this cafeteria where I met up with people that It seemed like I had been friends with forever but I didn't completely recognize anyone. We were allowed to wander and go anywhere so I walked through planes of existence. There was a giant aurora borealis in one that was purple and red, people sitting on black grass like it was the fourth of July fireworks type deal and I would always be going to different groups of people making sure everyone was okay and just talking to them and helping them in whatever way I could. I think that's why I was there.

The weirdest part tho is that I kept waking up after every place I visited and when I fell back asleep I was back in "my apartment" then got transported back to the cafeteria before I could go to a new place.

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