“The pick me up.” : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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“Why so sad, tired of being a pathetic fuck?”

thats what she heard every time she decided to put the phone down.

”what’s the matter? A little bit upset.”

it mocked her, it Mocked her views, opinions, and looks. That little monolith of pure pain.

”come on, just a little more, that life of yours sucks. I know, yes, so. Why don’t you just browse a lil more kiddo.”

she thought at times the thing knew ever secret, every little thing she locked so deep inside, and she was afraid of it.

“did you hear me or not, you fat fuck. Pick me up.”

with trembling hands, she reached down. Plucking up that thing she despised every time, but yet seemed drawn to it like a magnet.

”every time, how many times? You say no. But hey bitch, you always come back.”

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