The Man With Three Yellow Eyes : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

I’m in my son’s room. There is a silhouette staring at me with three yellow eyes in the opposite corners. They glow just like my son had explained. Since it entered the room there is a ringing in my ear. You’d know this thing was here even if you didn’t see it. It isn’t moving but occasionally… It blinks in and out, head cocked sideways.

My son talked about the thing since he learned to speak. Every few nights he would wake up crying and we would check on him. He would tell us the man with three yellow eyes was in his room. It never touched or hurt him. Just watches. He also complained of headaches. We give him ibuprofen, soothe him, and down he goes. In the morning he will recount the events but by midmorning, all concerns would fade away.

At three our son still did this weekly. It was summer break and my wife said she wanted to go visit her parents. I agreed. It would give me a chance to get a few things on my to-do list. I also thought this may be the best chance for me to spend the night in my son’s room and see if something was creating the illusion of the intruder.

That evening I got ready for bed, shut off the light, and stretched out in my son’s bed. Glancing around the room I didn’t notice anything that could be mistaken for the creature.

I began drifting off to sleep when in front of me three yellow dots appeared. Jolting up in the bed, the three yellow dots disappeared. Calming back down, I put my head back on the pillow and the three yellow dots slowly reappeared.

I could see that the security light behind the house was shining through holes in the blinds. A hedge outside my son’s window blocked the light except for this small area. Some nocturnal animal was setting off the security light once or twice a week and my son woke up to three pinholes of light he thinks is a creature watching him sleep.

I got out of bed and headed for the door to my bedroom. As I turned I could see a silhouette blocking the exit. I froze in place as three yellow slits opened and looked at me. I yelled and began to charge in its direction but stumbled backward into the chair after it moved toward me at the same speed. A ringing started in my ears. I saw the thing blink away and into the opposite corner.

The creature stared, occasionally blinked in place moving its head. I began to inch out of the chair but it would blink to the doorway. I eased back into the chair and it blinked back to the corner. I’ve spoken to it but it doesn’t respond. Every time he blinks in and out he is a few inches closer now. I don’t know what to do.

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