The Iron : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

Look at it glide through his shirt, every wrinkle wiped out of existence with a Mere flick of the wrist. I’m not one for doing chores. My so-called better half used to say I’m lazy, and you know what he was probably right. Don’t get me wrong I get up every day with good intentions but then it’s just so boring I’d much rather watch tv. Everything I do is wrong with him anyways so who cares, “I do enough around here” I tell him as you can imagine that does not go down well. I really don’t know how I put up with him and now to make matters worse he had an accident a year ago and he needs permanent care, not from me of course, he got his nurse for that. Paid for by our previous landlord, I must have asked him to fix that loose step 100 times it was a death trap.

Things worked out well for me I suppose, he has all that money and no way of spending it. Unfortunately, I’m not so good with money and it won’t be long before it is all gone and so will I. I am sick of hearing his gargling anyways, it’s his only way of communicating now, the doctors don’t know that yet, they think he is a vegetable. I figured it out that the first day he came home from hospital, and he saw me with the iron. I thought he was choking at first. Then after seeing the fear in his eyes, I realized he remembered what happened that night.

I didn’t have it planned, it just happened, every day he came back from work and complained the whole time, I don’t mind the mess why should he, plus no one asked him to clean up. If he were that worried, he should have hired a cleaner and life could have been different for him. I have limits just like everyone else. So, one night as he put out the garbage, I walked up behind him and with one flick of the wrist, down he went. Now I love ironing. I do it three times a day and make him watch, not to punish him no, I’m not a monster. I just want him to know what would happen if he opened his mouth ha ha ha. Ok you got me, the truth is it turns me on, I don’t know why, and I don’t care it makes me happy. That is what life is all about finding happiness. Always follow your heart, I did.

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