The Horde : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Keep running. The further away the better…

I need to be alone.

This is the way I’ve been living my life, as far away from as other people as humanly possible; but before getting into that I guess an explanation should be given…

A couple years ago I noticed that I could hear voices in my head, they sounded like my inner voice but they were…different. I’m not dumb, so I quickly realized that these were other people’s thoughts.

They started as small sentences coming into my head; feelings, random thoughts, you get the deal. It got to a point where I was able to choose who’s mind I was reading, once I started, I could see everything. Every embarrassing memory, every password, every feeling that person has ever had.

Looking back at it, I’m embarrassed and disgusted at myself just for doing it.

I’m not a good person…using my ability I took advantage of other people for my own gain, I stole and blackmailed just for financial growth, a nice house…power. But at one point, I started doing it for fun, it became a hobby; I got cocky, greedy, read to many people…and then it happened.

I woke up one morning…thinking like someone else, it faded quickly but it didn’t take long for it to happen more often. I’d wake up with someone else’s memories, they’d switch throughout the day. I would feel less and less in control; sometimes it would be days, weeks, before I realized that I had been living as somebody else, thinking like them, acting like them…I was them.

There’s is no way to control it anymore…I read the mind of every person I come across. They’re hopes and dreams, they all come to me and I absorb them like a sponge.

At some point I started to run, I can’t recall when. But I haven’t stopped, I’ll never stop. Even if I feel my feet bleed, ache and tear themselves apart…my shoes rot and my lungs burn like they’re consumed by hellfire. I refuse to stop.

I don’t have a name, can’t remember it. I’m not a human being anymore, I am a horde, a mob, a feverish pile of souls and emotions that will continue to painstakingly stretch itself through the endless chasm of eternity.

I will continue to run until there is no road, no humans, nothing at all and I’m finally left alone with my own misery.


Alone with everybody else.