The Candy Shoppe : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Jonna had always loved candy, so when a new candy store opened in town he was dying to check it out. He opened the door and the smell of fresh candy hit him. His mouth watered. He looked around excitedly. There were four robotic animals sitting on stools near the front counter- a mouse, a pig, a dog, and a porcupine. There was a mechanical bear standing behind the counter. Jonna loved the theme of the place.

“I’ll take an ice cream sundae, please.” He said.

“What do you call a bear without teeth?” the bear said, “A gummy bear!” he laughed evilly.

Jonna glanced up at the spinning vortex above the bear. The smiles on the mechanical animals disappeared and were replaced with dead eyes and a dead looking frown. The smell of candy turned into the smell of burnt blood. Jonna tried to look away but he couldn’t move. The bear handed him a glazed candy apple. Jonna took it gladly.


Carla walked into the new candy shoppe and saw five robotic animals- a pig, a mouse, a dog, a porcupine, and a cat- sitting on stools near the front counter.

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