The Blood Of Christ : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I work for a secret goverment laboratory, that specialises in cloning. And when my lab partner, Tom told me that we had a sample of Jesus Christ’s blood, I thought he was joking. But it was in fact not a joke. The Vatican official would not reveal how they had obtained it. He only said that we were being tasked to use the blood to create a clone of Jesus.

When I first held the blood contained in a Petri dish, I was amazed that I was holding a sample of Jesus Christ’s blood in my hand. It felt very surreal–almost like a strange dream.

Previously we had only cloned livestock–sheeps, pigs, etc… never had we cloned a human being. But both myself and Tom were very optimistic about the result. In fact we were one hundred percent certain it would be a success. We had both been itching for the opportunity to clone a human. And here was our chance. By orders from the Pope himself.

I won’t bore you with the process of cloning, we would be here all day otherwise. All you have to know is that we build upon DNA–slowly constructing a fetus. Which is then placed into a tank that simulates a womb. And from there the body forms, and grows quickly, and within one month you have a full grown adult.

Me and Tom were both surprised when we first laid eyes on Jesus floating in the tank. He looked nothing like I had imagined. He certainly did not look Caucasian like the famous paintings make out–he looked Middle Eastern. But one thing could not be denied, he was much more handsome in person. His long black hair complimented his kind looking face, and something about him emanated a devine presence.

When he had fully formed, and I drained the tank, me and Tom were both surprised to see that he was on his feet without any assistance. And he looked upon us with curious eyes. He slowly stepped out of the tank, approached me, and held the palm of his hand to my forehead, and said…

“I have returned my child. Just like the prophecy fortold.”

I was too in awe to even mutter a reply. Devine light sorrounded him like a bubble. I was not a religious man, never had been. But to deny that he emanated the light of God, would be a lie.

Tom was just as entranced by the presence of this miracle standing before us, that he too did not speak.

Jesus approached the door. Neither of us tried to stop him. We just stood there–in awe of the miracle. Jesus left the lab without anyone trying to stop him. Instead everyone he passed followed him.

When I turned on the news the next day…

The streets were in absolute chaos, there had been mass suicides, riots, and preachers on the streets urging people to repent for their sins. The headline was…

The Rapture Has Begun!

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