Swim. – Short Horror Story

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Do you know what’s down there?

I do, I know everything about the depths. It isn’t as forgiving as a burning hell, oh no the pressure and cruelty below the sea is unfathomably worse.

An uncommon thought is, the things that survive down there, in the deep dark divisive depths. Do we know what they want? Do we know what they crave?

I do, I know they lust for the abundance of minerals and availability of prey that land promises.

That oh so horrifying imploding pressure that these creatures survive under. Truly it’s for the good of the human race.

Imagine the chaos, tantalisingly disgusting in its wake. Land is a veritable feast for the entities that work with nothing in the depths.

Oh and you tease don’t you my dearest, you sail on their surface and paddle at their shores. Meaty toes and crunchy bones.

The beasts that lurk, only a mile or so down. With teeth that aren’t as sharp as you’d wish.

With intent that is just a little too familiar…

Do you have a fear of the sea?

And yet it calls to you. Soft and incapable of survival within its brine. You are just following an endless siren song.

Come now my dear, the water is safe.

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