Rest : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Leaving the toxic home at 18 paved the way to the peaceful life that Willah was currently basking in. All the years of therapy allowed her to find herself healing from the wounds that her own blood had caused.

It was with this progress that made Willah reconcile with her mother after six years. A quick search on social media made her reach out to the older woman and with the need to forgive and be forgiven, Willah had agreed to spend her saved up vacation time at her mother’s new home.

The drive from the airport made her think of her half-sister, who at the time of her departure was only 7 years old. It was the sound of her gps indicating a turn that snapped her out of that moment as the move lead her closer to her family.

A warm hug and a lifetime of tears greeted her as her mother wrapped the girl in an embrace that spoke of apologies. Willah returned the gesture with such sincerity that she found herself crying as well. After the heartfelt reunion, Willah’s attention was turned towards her sister who was silently sitting on the couch. She wanted to embrace the little one too but figured that abandonment was not something that could easily be forgotten so she decided to settle for a smile and a wave instead.

The gestures were met by even more silence as her little sister wouldn’t even look at her. The exchange didn’t go unnoticed by their mother who pulled Willah aside to inform her that her sister had been sleepwalking.

“I once found her in the garden covered in dirt. I got so scared that I would often stay up just to guard her”

Pain rushed in Willah’s system upon hearing the defeated words of the older woman that she promised to pay for whatever her sister needed to get better.

Dinner was one occupant missing as the younger sibling opted to stay in her room. Willah was hurt by such action but their mother tried to mend the emotion by saying that teenagers are built different.

Willah could only nod as her appetite dwindled.

Three a.m. came and Willah found herself in the kitchen nursing a glass of water. The peaceful moment was broken when she caught site of her sister who was kneeling on the garden.

Willah was out of the backdoor before she had time to think and tried her best to shake her sister back to reality. Dirt covered the younger girl and Willah desperately tried to dust them off but it was no use.

“Im tired” her sister’s tiny voice echoed

Willah felt tears prick her eyes before replying with “Its ok, we’ll get you cleaned up then you can rest.”

Eye contact between the siblings was finally made when the young one said

“I cant…mom keeps digging up my grave.”

As ice ran through her existence, there in the woods exited their mother who was holding a shovel.

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