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The sun was an awkward red that day. Shining through the windows of our house, reflecting on every possible surface. If we had neighbors, this is the type of thing we would make smalltalk with them about.

It was me, my sister, my mother, and my father, sitting in the living room, attempting to watch TV through the heavy glare on the screen. A glare so horrible, no one but me was actually entirely focused on it, everyone else was on their phones.

So as one does from this type of activity, I got a headache from eye strain, which forced me to go into my room, turn off the lights, and take a nap in the comforting darkness.

SOMETIME LATER I was awoken by the screams.

“What the fuck is that!?”, followed by the unmistakable sound of some object moving through the air so quick it produces a hiss.

“Jesus fucking christ! Run!”.

I heard footsteps, and the slamming of the front door! I quickly shot up, and opened my drapes just to see them all rushing into the car, and quickly speeding away!

I ran out of my bedroom door, confused and terrified! I had planned to make my way out the front, and chase them down!… but then I saw it.

Standing in the living room… a humanoid being, made of ruby-red fire. I stood there, and looked over it–head to toe–paralyzed by the sulfuric stench filling the hot, dry air.

It took a step towards me!

With the exiting door too far away I ran back to my room! I decided to leave out of the window! It was the only way!

…But as I approached the window a horror filled my eyes… our car, at the end of the driveway, charred as if struck by lighting born of a solar flare.

THE DAYS PASSED, AND THEY PASSED. The car quickly dissolved to a nearly invisible amout of ash, as more and more flares struck it. People came to the door, but I could never leave my room to answer it… no… no I can’t. They all come during the day, and the creatures only seem to dissappear during the night.

I tried, a week ago, to block all of the windows with blankets, but they were burned to ash when the sun rose the next morning.

I’m not sure whats going to happen now… all I know for sure is that soon the power bill is due, and when that gets cut off my only connection to the outside world will be lost. On that same day the mortgage will be due, and shortly after that someone will come and try to take me out of my only known hiding place, where the sun doesn’t shine.

And so this is my letter of love, sent out to the last people to ever hear me speak. I cannot risk a strenuous fiery death, it’s too painful. No, tonight I’ll go out on better terms.