Reddit – Dive into anything – Short Horror Story

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Hello, child abuse hotline.


Hello, what is the emergency?

I’m scared of dad.

Okay, why are you scared of your dad?

He yells at me.

I see, and how often does he yell at you?

A lot of the time.

Does he do anything else?

He hurts me sometimes. He stopped hurting me for a while, though.

We can help you, we just need to know your name and address.

I live at [REDACTED], my name is Isabella Ramones.

Hold on let me confirm some things.


Sir or ma’am, prank calling a child abuse hotline is pretty much illegal.


Isabella Ramones died about two months ago.

But, what about dad?

Died around the same time too. Now look punk, you are wasting my time and other abused childrens time as well, now, kindly fuck off.


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