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I woke up in the middle of the night with a dry mouth and throat. So i went down to the kitchen to fetch some water.

It was dark and the only light is coming from the open fridge. I scanned around the room and over the next room I caught a silhouette of my dog.

I wonder what she was doing there and immediately thought maybe she followed me down in the kitchen.

But it’s weird because she’s just sitting there so still. I called her name, “Maggie! Come here girl” no response. She was just so still i might think her as a sculpture.

I went to the next room to get and see if she’s okay. As i come closer to her a bark behind me startled me. And there I saw Maggie in the kitchen growling and barking loudly at me.

And as I turn my head I saw the silhouette grow and shape-shift into something big dark shadow.