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I lean in to kiss him before inviting him inside my house. Once inside I tell him to have a seat on the couch while I go to the restroom and freshen up. While in the restroom I carefully remove the tetrodotoxin from my lips. I returned to the living room to find him lying motionless on the floor. The tetrodotoxin completely disables his ability to move any muscle, but it leaves all his other neurological functions intact.

I grab a pillow from the couch and began to suffocate him while he lay motionless on the floor. Once all the life has left his eyes, I then drag his body into the bathroom where I have prepared a tub of acid. The acid makes quick work of him dissolving everything but his bones. I then remove his bones from the tub of acid and place them into a fire pit until the bones become black, this usually takes a couple of minutes.

Once the bones are black I use a hunting knife to remove all the black ash. then I place all the ash into a bucket. Next, I add gum Arabic, egg yolk, and distill water into a wooden churn that’s usually used to make butter, and then I begin to stir until it looks like honey. Once I have achieved the right consistency I add the black ash and one cup of vodka and continue to stir. The Vodka helps break the surface tension so all the ingredients mix perfectly. Once I’m done making the ink, I give myself a tattoo to remember this Magic moment him and I have shared. I am a serial killer and this is my design.