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Hey man,

I know it’s been a long time since we’ve spoke, but I figured I’d email, just for novelty value.

I’ve been thinking recently, about when we were kids and we used to watch all those horror movies.

It’s hard to explain… You know how we’d be fine the whole movie; we’d only really get scared once the lights went out.

I’d always assumed it was irrational.

I mean, what are the odds of that particular horror movie villain turning up to kill me, on the night we’d literally just watched his movie?

I mean, that’s just how horror movies work, some ideas can spread like disease.

I got this guy at work, Adam, absolutely terrified of rabbits.

Can you imagine?

Well, he disappeared for about a week, citing some ‘mental health issues’ – he came back all pale and skittish – you know the look.

You’re still into horror, aren’t you?

If not, stopping here – for your own sake.

So, get this!

I get talking with Adam, he’s pretty aloof at first, but I take him to the pub, and he opens up!

He was in bed last week, when he got woken up by the sound of running water – all of the taps in his bathroom were on!

He panics, turns off all the water, turns around to find a hairless rabbit sitting in the bath basin!

He insists it was the size of a bean-bag, but I really doubt that.

Usually, I’d tell someone like this that they’re full of shit, but Adam could barely get the words out. He tried to describe the thing in the bath but kept stammering.

I suppose, I believed that he believed he saw something.

If I’d have known that would be enough, I’d have told him to fck off back to his shtty little apartment, and stop bothering me with such mad nonsense.

I don’t have any particular phobia.

No irrational ones, anyway.

I’ve read enough true crime to know the only thing to fear is human.

So, that night, when I heard all my taps go off at once… A part of me insisted that it was just a coincidence.

I turned off the taps, and felt my stomach sink when I saw it.

It was as if someone had shaved a hare, and stretched out it’s limbs, so that it was roughly the size of a human.

It’s skin was wrinkly, and mainly pink, but with patches of black and brown going up the body.

It sat on my toilet, and inspected me with one red, bulging eye, flaring it’s nostrils at every move I make.

I’m paralysed with fear, every time I see it.

I wouldn’t worry about me though, Mick, I have a plan.

Adam said his rabbit stopped appearing the night he told me about it.

He thinks It’s because he talked about it, but I know that’s not true.

I know it transferred.

Afterall, some ideas can spread like disease…

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