Poker With Joker : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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There’s this urban legend in my town according to which if you see a Joker  silhouette at migldnight at any place you happen to be then stare back and don’t look away, if you anyway do then the Joker will kill you while if you stare for at least 5 minutes then he might ask ‘Wanna play Poker’ or might just leave.

If however he asks to play poker you shouldn’t disagree, disagreement is death.

Whilst playing poker however must you remember that he doesn’t like either himself or you winning, it must end on a tie, this is because he likes equality for which he’d killed his parents who were biased against him.

While staring your eyes shan’t tilt an inch if however then foremost you feel a burning sensation in the eyes afterwards you start seeing whatever the Joker had been through in his life whilst he was alive, the major problem is that you don’t just see but feel and experience, like how you do in dreams, the Joker himself had died a terrible death hence the experiencer is bound to die in a similar manner, at last you’ll become a part of the Joker, forever trapped within him.

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