Play It Again, Sammy : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Sammy didn’t know what to make of the situation he found himself in. Something woke him up, but he didn’t remember hearing a noise.

Through foggy eyes he looked across the room to see his older brother still fast asleep. He called out for him a couple times to make sure that he was in fact asleep and not messing with him.

Sammy peered around the room and didn’t see anyone or hear any movement. He climbed down from his loft-style bed to investigate, but decided to walk to his mom’s room instead, stepping over some miscellaneous books and toys on his way out.

He had made the walk to her room in the dead of night a million times, but never to wake her, more to climb in bed with her if he was feeling scared. He walked in and shook her awake, saying she needed to check out his room.

His mom tried to tell him to forget it and just go back to sleep, but Sammy was persistent. After convincing her to come back to his room, they walked back down the hall together. But the door to his bedroom was shut.

Sammy hadn’t felt any real fear until he saw that. He knew he didn’t close the door, and he didn’t think his brother would wake up and decide to randomly shut it.

As his mother reached for the doorknob, a loud sound broke out that seemed to shake the walls. Sammy thought that it sounded like the hand of God smacked the whole side of their house.

Sammy and his mom were scared beyond belief and franticly hurried inside Sammy’s bedroom to check on his brother. He wasn’t there.

After calling out for him a million times inside and outside the house, his mother desperately asked Sammy if he had noticed anything awry before he came to get her.

After a minute trying to remember, Sammy did recall something. He told his mom, “There was a toy in my room I’ve never seen before.”

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