Old Man at the Coffee Shop : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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This happened 2 or 3 years ago.I was fresh out of college and started working in a coffee shop to earn some cash and support my family. There was an old man who used to visit the Coffee Shop daily.He never ordered any thing nor did any one took an order from him.He was just there standing near the cashier’s counter. One day, the owner brought an old album of this coffee shop and in one of the photos I saw the same old man.Curious to know who the old man was I asked the owner, who the man in the picture is? His reply shook me, he told me that the old man was his grandfather.Who first open this shop and died almost 20 years ago. When I told the owner about my experience he was shocked as well.Anyway I worked there for 1more year as the old man never bothered anyone or did any thing to anyone.

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