My recent publications will soon get me cancelled. – Short Horror Story

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I’m an author who specializes in horror stories and my recent publications, where I experiment in a new genre, have been quite controversial to say the least. My audience has condemned the excessive vulgarity and gruesomeness displayed in my newest books and claim that the quality of my writings has hit an all time low. To make matters worse, my publisher has threatened to revoke the issuing of my upcoming works unless if I post an apology clarifying the reasons for the substandard quality. The burden of the public’s reaction has been too much for me lately and I feel the need to write in this diary in order to set my mind straight.

My audience’s first disapproval manifested after the publication of my book “Daddy’s rotten corpse in my mouth”, which was intended to be a light hearted compilation of stories blending nursery rhymes with horror. The main theme was incestuous cannibalism and most reviewers claimed that such a theme is extremely inappropriate for a children’s book. I strongly disagree however as I believe that children who are exposed to the harsh realities of life at an earlier age grow up wiser and more disciplined.

The story which really stirred the pot was “I successfully murdered my whole town”, which was a light hearted tale about an entire town queuing up for free lemonade in a serial killer’s house. One by one, as people would enter, the book describes the different methods of execution employed by the killer such as decapitation, cannibalism, necrophilia and other brutal procedures like torture in exhaustive detail. My target audience of children and their parents were highly critical of this book, going as far as to suggest that I should be boycotted! I couldn’t believe that I had received such harsh reviews for a simple critique of modern society’s work-consuming life and this took a heavy toll on my mental health.

In a nutshell, people complain that I have a disgusting imagination and that I should act more responsibly as a famous author, but I find that their criticism is unfair… My stories are all non-fiction after all.

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