My greatest fear : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I have always been afraid of something over the course of my life. When I was a child it was the shadows caused by the tree outside. The branches cast shadows onto my floor that made me think some evil monster was crawling across the floor to get me. I eventually realised how stupid I was being and just closed the damn curtains.

When I was 22 an old witch cursed me with immortality for accusing her of witchcraft. I watched those around me slowly age while I remained the same. A fear that everyone I know and love will die, slowly began to overwhelm me. I watched my grandchildren die of old age and couldn’t help but weep.

I now slowly crawl along, crushed under an immense weight. I have lost count of how long I have been trapped here. It seems like an eternity since I was dumped down here. I try to lift my body but the pressure of the water above me forces me back down. I try to keep myself going, but the fear that I may never reach dry land keeps nagging at the back of my head

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